Post Game Quotes From Duke v Wake

Coach K met the media to discuss the game

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

On the game: "It was a great game. I was proud of my guys, as I am sure Skip is proud of the way his guys played too. It was an intense battle. So many players made big plays. We put ourselves in a chance to win. They're a really good basketball team and I thought our guys did a really good job against a good team."

On Eric Williams:
"He's an outstanding player who is surrounded by very good players. If you double team him he'll pass it out, if you don't he'll really hurt you. His offensive rebounding tonight was huge. He was the one who really focused on the offensive glass."

On Wake Forest:
"Wake has a veteran team. They can score from a number of different positions, so you can't key in on one guy. The sign of outstanding teams is that you can't key in on just one guy. They are an outstanding team, and if they stay healthy they'll be there with anybody."

On foul trouble and Daniel Ewing:
"We need Daniel to play more and better. I didn't think he played as well as he could play. Those are learning experiences. He's an outstanding player, and he'll learn from this."

Wake Forest Head Coach Skip Prosser

On the Chris Paul:
"I thought he played fearlessly tonight. I didn't want him to pick up his fourth or fifth foul on a charge. I thought he did a good job playing under control. I thought we got it inside tonight without much reward. Our defense did not do a good job one-on-one. I thought we let them get to the line too much."

On Duke's foul trouble:
"I thought it was a factor. Ewing is a good player. He had to sit out for long times and then was disqualified so I think it was a factor."

On J.J. Redick:
"I thought that last shot might go in. He's a phenomenal shooter. He does a great job of getting in position to shoot. I thought up until the end that we did a good job guarding him. But when he's shooting from the 919 area code and we're in the 336 area code, that's saying something."

On Justin Gray:
"He just got banged up. It was a physical game. It's not a Wake Forest game if Justin Gray doesn't get banged up. We're comfortable with Taron in there. The best thing about [Paul, Gray, and Downey] is their selflessness. They play well in their rotations and they're happy for each other."

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