The Latest On Brian Zoubek

Haddonfield High is riding its horse this season. Junior Brian Zoubek has lifted Haddonfield to a 17-1 record with his improved post play.

The numbers don't adequately paint the entire picture. Brian Zoubek, Haddonfield's 7-foot-1 junior center who is currently ranked No. 34 by, has improved in every statistic that matters this season. Last year he went for 18 points a game and this season he's at 21. He's a rebound stronger this year at 13 than he was as a sophomore.

However, statistics don't underscore the kind of improvements Zoubek has made in his game. For Zoubek, improvements have come in not how much he scores but how he's able to get his points.

"He's starting to take guys and dunk the ball on the blocks," Haddonfield coach Paul Wiedeman said. "He's starting to finish and get some rise in his game. He's a hard worker and he's constantly improving and training."

The coach credits ply metrics and speed training for helping Zoubek inside. Last year he would lay up balls, this season he's dunking what he can. It's the ability to be more athletic inside that is going to really stand out, not the numbers he's projecting.

"He still needs to get up and down the floor a little better but he knows that," Wiedeman said. "He's starting to see the floor better, get rid of it and starts the fastbreak. I'm not saying he's the most athletic [center] but for him from last year to this year it's an area of improvement."

Zoubek has twice posted 21 rebounds in a game. He's a big time student who is going to take academics and factor them into his decision as much if not more than the basketball side of the equation. With an Ivy League background that permeates throughout the family, academics will be a major part of his college decision.

According to Wiedeman, Stanford, Duke, Wake Forest and Notre Dame are in the hunt. As for offers, Wiedeman wasn't sure at this stage but you can also mention Princeton in that group.

North Carolina recently made some contact but while the others have seen him in action this year, UNC has not. Duke was in attendance last Friday.

"Teams have really seemed more eager to be in contact with us," Wiedeman said. "They're hearing things about us and they seem to be in contact more than ever."

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