Devils Strong With Top GA WR Early

Jeremy Ringfield is one of the top junior wide receivers in the Peach State, and he names a top 5 with a leader.

"Right now I like Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Auburn and Ole Miss. So far Duke and Georgia Tech are neck and neck as far as recruiting me the hardest," Jeremy Ringfield said.

Who holds the early advantage?

"Georgia Tech has always been on my mind since I was a little kid. I grew up a Tech fan. I always wanted to be an engineer also and right now I'm a big fan of Calvin Johnson."

What stands out about the other schools on his list?

Duke: "I can probably relate to their program because being at Luella HS, we came from nothing and are trying to do big things just like them."

Maryland: "I heard they were a good engineering school also and they have a winning tradition. I like their winning mentality."

Auburn: "That's a real strong program right there. I went to their camp last year and they seemed to have a lot of interest me."

Ole Miss: "I don't know a lot about their program but I do read a lot of the mail they send me and they have a lot of motivational quotes and things like that that I can apply to my life."

"Number one always in my family is academics. I want to try and get the best education and I want to try and be a bio-medical engineer. Also, I want to win as anyone would. I would like to feel like it's home when I go on my visit."

"I have a 4.3 GPA and I'm taking both of the tests in May."

"I plan to go to Duke and of course Georgia Tech because that's so close. I'm not sure if our coach plans to take us back to Auburn yet or not."

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