Numerous Stars On Campus Saturday

At this point in 2004 several big time prospects didn't even have Duke on their radar, but that didn't mean the Blue Devils weren't working hard to be noticed. That hard work and those long man hours paid off in a big way for the Blue Devils when signing day came. With the class of 2006 signing in less than a year, the Duke coaching staff has already attracted a high level crop of players for this weekend's junior day. has compiled a complete list of the top junior prospects that will be on campus this weekend. While does not assign star rankings until the various summer camps and combines, several of the names are certain to appear on the National Hot 100 List, including several Top 50 caliber players.

With an eye on improving and allowing the best players to play, Coach Roof and staff have set their sites towards the moon when it comes to recruiting some of the best talent available. Below is a categorized list by position of the visitors this weekend.


Michael Wade (Riverside High, SC)
Kevin Atkins (Southern Durham, NC)
Garrett Utt, 6'4, 197lbs (Lovette, GA)
B.J. Phillips, 6'6, 239lbs, 4.8 (Spring Valley, SC) – Story Link

Running Back

Prince Miller, 5'10, 190lbs, 4.4 (Byrnes HS, SC) - Story Link
Levi Edge, 6'0, 205 (Lovejoy HS, Ga)
Mario Fannin, 5'11, 195lbs, 4.4 (Lovejoy HS, Ga)
Devon Moore (Cedar Ridge High, NC)


Crawford Kilpatrick, 6'5, 182lbs, 4.6 (North Gwinnett HS, Ga) - Story Link
Kristopher Durham, 6'5, 190lbs, 4.7 (Calhoun HS, Ga.)
Curtis Strong, 5'11, 175lbs, 4.5 (Lovejoy HS, Ga.)
Jake Jones (Mt Brook, Ala.)
Jeremy Ringfield, 6'5, 195lbs (Luella High, Ga.) - Story Link
Ryan Taylor (Mt. Tabor, N.C.)

Tight End

John Lubischer, 6'3, 240lbs, 4.8 (Boca Raton, Fla.)
David Redick (Cave Spring HS, Va.)

Offensive Line:

Carl Johnson, 6'6, 340lbs, 5.0 (Southern Durham HS, N.C.) - Story Link
Daron Rose, 6'5, 290lbs, 5.5 (Jefferson High, Fla) - Story Link
Sam Young, 6'6, 280lbs, 5.3 (St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Fla.) - Story Link
Sean Allen (Wilson Hunt, N.C.)
Terence Crosby (Glenn HS, N.C.)
Hutch Eckerson (Lumberton, N.C.)
Corbett Harris (Kellam, Va.)
Jordan Woodard (Pamlico, N.C.)

Defensive Line

John Ferrara, 6'6, 255lbs, 5.1 (Farrell, N.Y.)
Gavin Smith, 6'4, 258, 4.7 (Wakefield, N.C.) – committed to NC State
Ifreke Okpokowurok (McCallie, Tenn)
Victor Ugenyi (North Spr… Ga.)


Tyler Rice, 6'3, 235lbs, 4.8 (Boca Raton St. Andrew's, Fla.)
Charlie Higgenbotham, 6'1, 233 (Mountain Brook, Ala.)
Joey Jones (Wakefield, N.C.)

Defensive Backs

Deunta Williams, (White Oak, N.C.)

No Position Listed

Dwyane Harris (Tucker, Ga.)
Tyler Miller (Kellam, Va.)

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