Post Game Quotes From Duke v Wake

Coach K, Daniel Ewing, and Shelden Williams met the media following Duke's win over Wake.

DUKE HEAD COACH Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"It was an amazing game. It was the most competitive game we've been in in maybe a couple of years. Both teams just wanted it so badly. And they are just outstanding. [Chris] Paul is a great, great player and they're very difficult to defend. You saw a lot of points tonight with guys really playing hard defensively. That takes a game to another level. You can see both teams playing hard and rebounding hard and it doesn't always translate into points. Tonight, the offense then had to play at just another level. I'm proud of our guys. J.J. [Redick] was unbelievable. Shelden [Williams] gave us strength in the middle the whole game and played 39 minutes. Our bench did great. I thought it was Lee Melchionni's best game. DeMarcus [Nelson], we started him in the second half and he came up big for us. And Sean [Dockery] was very good, too. And Daniel [Ewing] was excellent in the second half. Those were the strongest moves he's made all season. And our crowd was unbelievable. Sometimes these Sunday night games are not at the level of some others, but tonight, it was at a really high level."

On starting Patrick Davidson, Patrick Johnson and Reggie Love
"We started the team that should start, based on our two practices. [Davidson] was kind of the captain of that team that started. I loved how he started us out. Some of the great things that happen in coaching are not just coaching Jason Williams or Grant Hill. They're coaching Patrick Davidson in a moment like that and I'm glad I was able to share that moment with him."

On the first 10 minutes of the second half
"We were strong with the ball. Wake is such a veteran team and they put good pressure on. You have to be really strong with the ball and I thought we had much better spacing in the second half, which negated their ability to double Shelden. Melchionni's game was real big because it spread their defense a little bit, which we were unable to do in the first half."

On Reggie Love
"It's not unsual that I've named another captain at this time of year if someone has deserved it. We've really missed Reggie. He's been the biggest surprise on our team this year. There's not a second that he's with us when he's not up. We just felt that with his maturity, he could complement what J.J. and Daniel are doing, and he did. He did a good job."

On guarding Chris Paul
"You just try to stay in front of him. Sometimes you just hope that he misses and you don't foul him. He's a great player and he has a strong will. Obviously he has talent, but his strong will to win and make plays takes him to an national-elite level."

"It was as good as our offense has looked all year, and it wasn't one guy or just me or Shelden [Williams] or Daniel [Ewing]. It was everybody. Lee [Melchionni] was hitting some big shots. Sean [Dockery] had the big guts to take a shot, miss it, get the ball back and take a three. It put us up by I think fifteen. That really gave us the lead that we needed. It felt like every time down the court we were going to score."

"The last couple days [of practice] have been as hard as any couple of days that we've had since I've been here. We practiced extremely hard. It wasn't anything where we got on the line and ran wind sprints, but we practiced as hard as we've [ever] practiced. Going with the different lineup, I think Coach [Mike Kryzewski] just wanted to send a message that he wanted guys out there that were going to fight. And Pat [Johnson], Reggie [Love] and Patrick Davidson are all guys that fight us everyday in practice. I thought it was great for us to get off to that start that we did, and Patrick just battling Chris Paul to begin with was great."

On his career-high scoring night
"It doesn't mean anything to me really. What means something to me is that we won. This team was really struggling, and we've had a rough couple of days. Whether I score 38 or two, it's just most important to me that we won today. I would have the same feeling right now if we'd won and I'd scored two."

On J.J. Redick
"He's a great shooter so pretty much the way he was playing tonight, I'm pretty sure he felt anything he put up had a real good chance of going in. And everything pretty much did. He shot the ball really well tonight, and he made more plays besides hitting shots. He had some key rebounds toward the end and made some good loose ball plays."

On the changes to the starting lineup
"It was all about finding our heart. And I think we found it tonight the way we played. We fought really hard for 40 minutes, and the results showed."

JUNIOR FORWARD Shelden Williams
"It was a very big win. Coming off two straight losses, we were kind of like a wounded animal. People thought we were going to be really weak. We showed a lot of heart and we fought them throughout the whole 40 minutes. We were out there fighting, and that was one of the things that helped us out the whole game."

"We got a lot of energy from the players that started the game off. We saw them fight, and the guys that came off the bench, they see those guys out there fighting. We want to give that same energy that they gave and that same effort that they gave and carry it out through the whole 40 minutes."

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