Devils Co-Lead for Florida OL

Daron Rose was on campus for junior day and came away impressed with what head coach Ted Roof and the Blue Devils are trying to build at Duke.

Daron Rose is one of the top young OL's in the state of Florida and the big fella has picked up 2 more big time offers.

"I picked up offers from Ole Miss and Alabama last week. I don't know too much about Ole Miss yet because they got a new coach. Alabama has recruited since my freshman year and Coach Shula was a roommate of my head coach with the Tampa Bay Bucs. He speaks highly of him. Anyone who Coach Simmons likes, must be a good person," Daron Rose said.

Were the offers enough to land the Tide and the Rebels a spot on his leader board?

"I like Texas, Florida, Miami, Duke, and probably Ole Miss. The leader right now is between Texas and Duke though."

Why are the Blue Devils and Longhorns at the top of the heap?

"I went to junior day up at Duke last weekend. I toured the facilities and went to the basketball game. Duke won and that's a good thing. It would have been a bummer if they had lost. I was very impressed with the campus. I have seen a lot of campuses, but that right there was the best one. The students there love their sports. It definitely improved Duke in my eyes."

"I've always liked Texas since I was little and they just recently began sending me some stuff. It's just something about them that caught my eye. Their staff has been there a few years and they're successful."

With two teams out to such an early lead, might one of them coax Deron into an early commitment?

"I plan to take all my visits. I don't think I'll commit early. I'm still trying to figure out about my individual camps."

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