Post Game Quotes: Duke v Miami

Coach K spoke with the media after Thursday night's win over Miami

DUKE HEAD COACH Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"We played very well tonight. Last week, playing three games in six days, by the time we were coming back from New York, we were worn out. We had Sunday and Monday off and the last couple of days, we've practiced great. Not long, but great. They were very spirited workouts and tonight, we played like we practiced. I thought our interior defense set the stage for the outside defense. They had a very difficult time scoring inside. We got open looks and we knocked down a lot of them. It was just a good win for us. I'm appreciative of our fans. It's always a special time, right after the game, when the seniors come out. The fans don't have to have the same colored shirts or coordinated cheers or anything like that. It's just genuine spirit and I love it."

On Daniel Ewing
"Daniel really is the consummate winner. This was his 130th game and he's 109-and-21 or somewhere in there. For him to be a part of four teams like that means that he is just a great team player. He's just a kid you want to be around all the time. It's been just perfect for us. He had 10 assists and one turnover tonight. I'm going to call Bobby Hurley tonight and tell him that he never did that. Of course, he'll probably tell me that [Christian] Laettner dropped a few. But that's one of the reasons his shooting isn't there right now. When you're concentrating on [being a point guard], and then Sean [Dockery] isn't there, he's just got a lot going on right now. The main thing for him is to defend and distribute and when the shot is there, take it. But he can't let a missed shot affect the other things he's doing in the ballgame."

On Duke's team defense
"I think we've been a really good defensive team. It's been one of our best defensive teams. Not as much in forcing turnovers as in limiting field-goal percentage. We really have defended the three well. A lot of it has to do with the fact that they know they have backing. This has been the best shot-blocking team that I have ever coached. It's not a deep team, but Shelden [Williams] and Shav[lik Randolph] can block shots and they have, so that's helped us."

On Shavlik Randolph
"I thought Shav was very spirited. The shots he took were good shots. He played well against St. John's. I think he'll just keep coming. I was proud of the way he played."

Senior Guard Daniel Ewing

"The fans were great. They've been great all four years since I've been here, and it was really great for us to go out there and play like that. We used the energy that the fans had and emotion that they brought. It was a good feeling. I tried to cherish it as much as I could while still playing within the game and staying focused."

"It would've been nice if I could've knocked down a couple more shots, but I'll take my first career double-double in my last game in Cameron. I'll take that any day. It's like a storybook ending. You couldn't draw it up any other way. Everyone played great, the team played great, and I was able to have my first career double-double."

"We practiced really well going into this game and we play the way we practiced. That really helped us out. We learned from the St. Johns game. We built on some things and we got better this week. Hopefully we can continue to carry that over into the next game."

Junior Forward Lee Melchionni

On Miami's zone defense

"You're going to get open looks against a zone, and I feel like we have a good shooting team, so we wanted to take advantage of that. I don't think anyone has played zone against us this year. It's not like they just started playing zone today. They've been playing zone for the last month and a mixture of man-to-man. They didn't play all zone tonight - it was a little mixture - and we were well-prepared for it."

On Daniel Ewing

"I think he was maybe a little quieter, just taking it all in and realizing that this was his last home game. It's just amazing how time flies. We're getting to be old men. It was just great to see a guy like that who is so quiet and deserves even more attention than he gets have a night like this."

Junior Guard J.J. Redick

"I felt like toward the end of last week we were really drained, not necessarily physically, but emotionally. We'd had a rough six days, and we played a tough St. Johns team at the end of last week. We got a couple of days off and really had great practices over the last few days and we were ready for this game."

On Daniel Ewing

"I can't say really how special it's been. I committed I guess four or five years ago right after he committed and I was excited about it back in high school. The past three years have just flown by with him. He's such a great player and he's been such a great teammate to me."

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