Post Game Quotes: Duke v Virginia

The Blue Devils met the media after Friday's victory

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski
I'm pleased with my team. We knew that Virginia was going to be difficult because they won a really tough game last night and with them starting four perimeter guys who can really shoot, we were really concerned about them. They got off to great starts in both halves and we played well in the last 10 minutes of each half. I thought the difference in the game was our rebounding. For us to outrebound them by 24 is big and a lot of that had to do with our perimeter rebounding. Lee (Melchionni) had nine rebounds, Reggie (Love) had eight and DeMarcus really rebounded (five boards). We've really been working on that all week and it's paid off. It wasn't a great shooting night, but a lot of that had to do with Virginia's defense. They really pressured our perimeter guys well and we didn't get a lot of open looks. (David) McClure came off the bench in the first half to give us a huge spark. He was sensational in the first half, not that he was bad in the second, but he gave us some big minutes in the first half. We need that. Guys just need to keep stepping up while Sean (Dockery) is out. Daniel (Ewing) played a yeoman's game. He was pressuring the ball, 16 points and played well on defense. I know he's looking forward to getting Sean back in the NCAAs so that we can have another ballhandler.

(On the upcoming NC State game)
I haven't watched them as much because I've been trying to figure out what to do about our team because of the injuries, but I will say this. I watched them when they started their run. They played at Georgia Tech and they won I think it was a two point game. I told my staff and the team the next day 'NC State is playing like men possessed.' I really enjoyed watching them fight together and they've continued to do that as they've gotten better and better. Lee can tell you, the next day at practice, I hardly ever do that, but they impressed me so much with their camaraderie, their facial expressions and their hanging in there. You heard a lot of disparaging words from people, but not from them. They've grown together. They are an NCAA team and they could win this tournament. We have a tough match-up tomorrow.

(On the game possibly being the last for Virginia coach Pete Gillen)
I hope not. I have the utmost respect for Pete. He's a veteran coach, it's not like he has a losing record. Losing Jason Clark was big. And losing Devin Smith after Devin scored 40 at Iowa State and playing well ... you don't understand the magnitude of those injuries if you don't have guys to take their place. Jason and Elton together with Smith as the third perimeter man is a pretty darn good team. You keep that team all year and you don't end up 14-15. Obviously they would win 20 games, they would be in the NCAAs and all this would be moot. It wouldn't happen.

Duke junior forward Lee Melchionni
Virginia is a tough team. They had their backs against the wall and fighting for their lives. I think in the second half we had seven straight points and then let off a little bit on our defensive table. We had to focus on that because you know we like to hang our hat on our defense. So once we got our defense straight we were good to go. It was a good win for us tonight.

(On shooting more when Redick has an off night)
J.J. is such an unbelievable shooter that he always attracts a lot of attention. Even on an off night, guys are still going to flock to him. I get open shots off of him and guys like Sheldon (Williams) and Daniel because they are the focus of the other teams.

Duke junior guard J.J. Redick
(On NC State)
When we played them the first time, they were going through some injuries and illnesses and they weren't a full team. Right now they are playing as hungry as any team in the conference. They have been playing great basketball the last few weeks, because they have been playing with a sense of urgency.

(On Virginia hanging around)
They have a lot of talent and some seniors on the team that I am sure don't want their careers to end, so they were playing with a purpose. They were playing with a lot of freedom. That is how they played the last couple weeks of the season, like they had nothing to lose.

Duke freshman guard/forward David McClure
(On what he brings to the team)
I go out and try to bring as much energy as I can right a way. I try to grab every board that comes my way and be aggressive to the basket. We have great players and it is a little easier to play when you have guys like J.J., Sheldon, and Daniel.

(On playing with confidence)
I have been out for so long with my knee that I am just excited to be back out on the court. I missed five or six games, but in a situation like that, you just have to take care of business. I can't be nervous out there, I need to do what I can to help the team.

(On Virginia's resiliency)
In the ACC Tournament, every team is going to come out fighting. They were playing loose out there, they were playing confident, and you have to expect every team to stick around. I think at times when we got a little lead, we felt that they would slack up a little, but that is when they came back at us strong.

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