Post Game Quotes: Duke v NC State

Coach K and J.J. Redick met the media following Duke's vicotry over NC State

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
It was a great game. A lot of people keep asking, does it mean a lot to you to play in this tournament? I hear that question all the time. The old expression 'actions speak louder than words' was so apparent this afternoon in this basketball game. Both teams played great basketball. We could not stop them in the first half for about 14 or 15 minutes. They executed their offense to precision and out-rebounded us. We were fortunate to only be down by four. They got off to a great start in the second half. A couple of kids came off the came off the bench for us, (David) McClure and (Reggie) Love, and gave us a lot of energy defensively and put us in a position, because we are smaller, to switch a lot of things. We were able to put a little bit more pressure on their offense. Then our two big guys came in they were so good on the boards, along with DeMarcus Nelson. My two most veteran players Daniel (Ewing) and J.J. (Redick) were fantastic. J.J.'s performance was one of the best ever. Daniel's was right there. He had to guard Julius (Hodge) the entire game. He is playing the best basketball of his senior year. It took great performances to beat great performances today. Hopefully we will have a little bit left for tomorrow.

(On rebounding effort in the second half)
They missed some shots in the second half so you get more defensive rebounds than offensive rebounds. The sets we were running in motion during the second half put our big guys by the boards and gave the third perimeter guy a run. We had three guys on the boards. It gave some open looks to J.J. (Redick) and Daniel (Ewing). Yesterday we out-rebounded our opponent by 24 and today we were being out-rebounded by 10 at the half. That is a little bit of a difference there.

(On the play of DeMarcus Nelson)
DeMarcus has played well. He has really gotten better and better. He had nine rebounds today, six offensive rebounds. That is the thing he does best. The next thing he is learning to do well is to play defense. He has been and will be very valuable to us when he does those two things.

Duke junior guard J.J. Redick
For me it was a great basketball game to play in. NC State really ran their offense great in the first half. We didn't have best intensity on defense. The turning point in the game was when Reggie (Love) and David (McLure) came in. Other guys fed off their energy. When Daniel and I started hitting big shot everybody stepped up.

(On how he overcame Friday's shooting woes)
You just don't dwell on it. You've got to have the confidence to take the next shot and step up and play with courage in the next game. I didn't dwell on it last night. I put it behind me, and went out there today and played with confidence.

(On Georgia Tech)
When we played them in Atlanta they had just gotten (BJ) Elder back and he hadn't really found a rhythm. I think he's playing better now and Bynum has been playing really well.

(On physically getting through three games in three days)
We're in great shape. I think we're in better shape than any team in the conference. We're not the deepest team, but we have guys that are playing a lot of minutes, because we are in great shape.

Duke senior guard Daniel Ewing
(On going to another championship game) We expect to be here. We expect to win championships. That is what this program is about. Whether it is the ACC Tournament Championship, regular season championship, or NCAA Championship, it's our expectation and we try to meet that every year.

(On Redick)
He's a shooter and you go through those stretches where you don't hit as many as you want in one game, and in the next game you don't miss. He's a shooter and he is mature enough to understand that each shot is a new shot for him. That is the way he shoots the ball and it showed today.

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