Coach K Tuesday Press Conference Quotes

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski sat down with the media Tuesday morning as the Blue Devils prepare for the 2005 NCAA Tournament. Coach K talked about the possible return of Sean Dockery, among other things, for Friday's first round game with Delaware State. The game is slated to tip at 7:25 p.m. at the Charlotte Coliseum and will be televised by CBS.

On Sean Dockery:
"He was cleared yesterday to start workouts. Although we just had a short meeting with the team just to go over the logistics of the week, we worked Sean out with some of our walk-ons. He did a good job, obviously he is not in good shape and he is wearing a big brace on his knee but he did well. We just checked him this morning, there is no swelling, he's got some sore muscles - not around the knee but in other areas - so today in practice we will limit him in his activity but he will go full speed for the time that he is in there. We'll evaluate what he does today and for the next couple of days. Right now I'm assuming he is going to play on Friday night but I don't know how much or exactly how I am going to use him yet. That is what practices are for, those are rehearsals. All the other guys are good, they were a little bit tired yesterday but good."

"Even if he can't play a lot of minutes, he will affect the game. He would have been nice to put in at the end of the Georgia Tech game. It would have made the last five minutes of the game not seem like five years. I think it will have the biggest effect on Daniel [Ewing]. I thought Daniel had a great tournament and especially on Sunday was terrific. We haven't been able to get him off the ball for any shots so that will give us a chance to take a look at again J.J. [Redick] and Daniel coming off stacks and screens. When Daniel is at the point he will be more refreshed there. Defensively we can take him off the ball sometimes. It gives us some depth, although we are not completely in 100 percent shape because it's his first day back, I think this is the first game - if he is able to play on Friday - since Oklahoma that we'll have our complete team. If we can get these three days of practice in like that, we will be able to see what we might do with a rotation going into the Delaware State game."

On Shavlik Randolph Playing 38 Minutes Against Georgia Tech:
"We couldn't afford to have him out of the game. Again I get back to our conditioning and his resolve. We have to remember this is a kid who had mono and we were thinking he may never be back to 100 percent this season. The third day, 9:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m. and then 1:00 p.m., and Shav plays 38 minutes and he plays his best game. I really thought that he had an excellent tournament up there and it may be that he is finally back to where he was before the Oklahoma game and earlier in the season. He is probably better because he is more mature now and has gone through more. It was significant, he made one of the big plays in the game when he blocked (Anthony) Morrow's shot late in the game. He is playing well."

On Holding A Lead:
"I don't know what a significant lead is in our sport with the three-point shot, foul trouble and fouls. A significant lead I guess for me would be to be up by 25 in the last couple of minutes. Our game is a game of stops. If we make a couple of stops on a team and score we're going to have what you might call a significant lead and they make a couple of stops against us and score and then there is no lead.

"Somehow in reporting a game somebody thinks something is monumental. Runs happens throughout the game and you would assume that it would also happen at the end of the game. We are not playing against chopped liver, either, they can stop you too and it's not like you have this dominant group.

"That is just the ebb and flow of a basketball game. What you would hope at the end of a game is that you put yourself in a position to score, whether you go to the foul line or you get a shot. If you are doing that then you have a good chance of winning. When we lost our last regular season game we didn't get an opportunity to score and that's the problem. Against Georgia Tech we got the foul line or even though we missed some shots we did have an opportunity to score and that is what you are looking for during those times."

On Shelden's Ball Handling Against Georgia Tech:
"He did pretty well. Actually the guy who did the best job was (Shavlik Randolph). Going into the tournament we had done a lot of stuff in preparation for that. I talked to Shav about Danny Ferry. I said 'When Danny played here he was my second guard.' When Quin [Snyder] was throwing it into the stands to his friends, sometimes he was my first guard. Quin didn't do that that much but when he did Danny would bring the ball up the court. I told him to be ready to be put in a position to do that.

"With Shelden (Williams), we've been practicing with Sean (Dockery) out to come up and be a release, because he can get open against most big men in the full court like that. (Steve Wojciechowski) does a lot with our big guys with ball handling just to get friendly with the ball. Even today in practice we will do 15 minutes of skill work where everybody does basketball skills. We do that all year around just so you don't position them to death, you still make them basketball players."

On Breaking The Brackets Down Into Two Game Segments:
"I haven't seen Stanford or Mississippi State yet, I have just been watching Delaware State, but that is what we try to do. I just try not to watch the TV shows and I don't look at brackets. I just try to look at these for teams because I know if we focus on our mini-tournament then we have a chance to play next week and we will find out who is there after that. I am good at that because I have been doing it for a while but trying to get you team to do that is always a challenge."

On Getting An Extra Day Of Rest And Playing In Charlotte:
"For one, I think we earned it. We have been a top-10 or top-eight team all year and we've had one of the toughest schedules in the country and played the toughest conference schedule this year. Those kids have earned it. We thought that there was a chance - we didn't tell our team that because we don't play for a number one seed.

"Having an extra day, not playing Thursday, really helps any team that has to play Sunday in a conference tournament. Not just us, it would help anybody. Not having to travel far helps, too. We still have to get on a bus but it is a lot easier than getting on a bus, then getting on a plane and all that other stuff. The one year we won [the ACC Championship] and had to be in Salt Lake City on Tuesday night to play on Thursday. That was a real quick turnaround. Hopefully we are using this time properly and we will be a fresh team come Friday night."

More On Spring Break:
"This is one of the only times in my coaching career that for the first week of the NCAAs we've had spring break. Usually it is during the ACC Tournament, so this actually turns out to be a lot better for us just to get these guys rested and ready for the big tournament. Not that the one last weekend wasn't big."

"The Spring break helps a lot, but the only thing about that is when they are in school, they are organized better. They have to be places, not that they are running around or anything like that now but you have to be careful that they aren't just watching TV and getting a little lazy. So we have to monitor their time a little bit and put them in a little bit of structure this week so they don't just kick up there feet and watch tapes of last weekend."

On J.J. Redick:
"He is a great player. He has become one of my great players and my great players here have understood there is a daily committment to being at that level and what it takes. In other words they've learned the process to do that and now it has become what they do. I talked to J.J. and Chris (Collins), Johnny (Dawkins), all these guys and one of the things that I have always told them is that when I was with the Dream Team in 1992 one of the things that I was most impressed with was the professionalism of every guy on that team. Everyone was a great player and what they did outside of practice, even in the summer with the Dream Team, to keep up there conditioning was extraordinary. I specifically told them about Chris Mullin and his regiment. Or [Karl] Malone waking up 6:30 every morning to lift no matter what. I said you just need to make that a way of life and learn how to like it and I think that is what he has been able to do throughout the year."

On Redick's Pull-Up Three In Final Minute Of The Georgia Tech Game:
"When he broke the press and we were up by a bucket and he fired from about 26 feet. But when he took it was OK because it was right there. I'm not saying that if I were giving a clinic on end of game situations that I would say that but you always have to follow the heart of your leader and let him show heart. It let Georgia Tech know that we are still going to shoot some bullets. There aren't many people playing basketball who can shoot like he can turning. That is the thing that separates him from the rest. He is a great shooter and there are a lot of really good shooters. He can shoot long, turning and hit. At a higher level it would be like a Reggie Miller. J.J. has got that. I have never had a player who could do that. Being in great shape gives you legs to be able to do that."

On Redick's Ability To Come Back From A Off Shooting Night:
"Virginia played good defense on him, the Virginia fans wouldn't think that Pete Gillen could coach good defense but he did. They alternated people on him and sometimes you get out of your routine. I think in that game J.J. (Redick) didn't change pace and he tried to play at the same speed and then they got accustomed to defending him at that speed. One of the things that I didn't do to help him was to change his routes. The worst thing I can do for him is to make him predictable, so sometimes you have to put him in different things to change his routes.

"He shoots his next shot like it is going to go in. He is mentally tough and he needs to be."

On Duke's Scoring Balance:
"We get the ball inside a lot. We haven't been as successful in scoring it because we have been turning it over a little bit, but we have good balance. As (Shavlik Randolph) comes along we'll look inside even more because he is starting to assert himself offensively. I don't go into a game saying we need this many shots, you've just got to go by feel. You are not going to go exclusively to any one aspect of it. We can score from different positions in different ways. In addition to outside and inside scoring, there needs to be some penetration, some drives. So that is where we would look as far as balance. 'Are we doing enough to get fouled and make their defense move inside, out and in between?' That is how I look at every game. We just have more guys that can score from the outside. If we had four big guys that could dominate, if I had (Shaq O'Neal) I'd go inside a lot. I think the good teams give a balance like that."

On Delaware State Coach Greg Jackson:
"Greg is really an outstanding coach and really a good guy. He is a student of the game. We had a really nice relationship when he was at N.C. Central. He has done a fabulous job at Delaware State. The program had five coaches in five years and when he took over they had won six games the year before he arrived. He has turned it into a winning program, a classy program. His team is very well prepared, they play good defense, take good shots and the kids play hard. I have watched parts of four of their games, the first couple I watched I thought they were in the Big Ten, they played four games in the Big Ten before anybody in the Big Ten played any conference games. They played Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern and Michigan. Against Michigan State they were only down by four at halftime. They did good jobs against them. He has a real good demeanor, I like him a lot. He is really a solid guy."

On Changes In Coaching This Year's Team:
"There are a lot of changes, but that is part of what you have to do as a coach. You have to adapt to who you have, what you have, who you are playing against, your situations and try to figure out what this group at this point needs to be successful. Any leader needs to do that. To me overall that is what a leader does. If you have to do something that you didn't do before or do it more it doesn't mean that you are working harder you are working different. We've had to do some different things with this team, but they've responded. This team loves to play for Duke, that's the thing that I have enjoyed. Every one of them really loves playing for Duke. That has come out so many times this year."

On The Team's Defense:
"I am not saying it is our best defensive team, but it is a team that plays really good defense and in a different way because we block shots more than any team that I have coached. The defense has been the reason we've won, there is no question about that."

On Individual Goals:
"I've never made an individual goal with a player. They come when you throw yourself into what the group is doing. We have so many examples of it now that throughout the years I have always told the kid that if you're really good you'll show it if we are good. Just throw yourself into what the team is doing and it will happen. If you start setting individual goals you've got a chance to be selfish at some time or be satisfied with what your doing and not with what the team is doing. All of a sudden then you create an environment that is not conducive to winning."

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