Top OL Continues National Tour

Sam Young, one of the top OL prospects in the nation, continues to tour top programs

Sam Young is arguably the top prospect in the state of Florida from his offensive tackle position. The 6-7 and 280 pound Young has quick feet, excellent technique, and in short, is everything a coach could possibly look for in an offensive tackle. It's no surprise then that he is getting offers from around the country, and this weekend, he took a quick trip to Gainesville to check out the University of Florida.

"I went over to Florida this weekend," said Sam Young. "Some of their plans got changed because of the rain. We pretty much watched the scrimmage, got to talk with our position coaches, and see where Coach Meyer and his staff are trying to take the program. I got to learn some of the offense and what they are trying to run. I saw the campus and saw the facilities."

Young is in no hurry to make a decision and has been taking unofficial visits across the country to help him see what schools he is most interested in. It's been discussed that Young was looking hardest at the schools in the north. Is there any truth to that?

"I grew up in South Florida. I've been here all my life, but my family is originally from the Pittsburgh area, and I've always been a fan of Penn State. My family has always been big Steeler fans, and now they're kind of Dolphin fans. Right now, I really don't know. I've visited a couple of schools up there already. To me, it doesn't matter where I play. If I'm happy at the school, it doesn't matter geographically."

With his unofficial visit schedule taking him cross country, Young has proven that he's is willing to look at anyone and everyone.

"I've already been to Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Miami, Florida, Duke, and North Carolina. I'm going to USC and Stanford this week. I'm trying to take advantage of the spring break to go out west. I've never been out there before."

Young's combination of academics and athletic ability will open any door at any school in the country for him, and it's no accident that he's in this position.

"I've always taken pride in my work ethic. Whether it's in the weight room, on the field, or school, I feel if I put my mind to it, I'll get it done. Obviously you have to put academics first. My dad always told me you have 50 years after football, you need to get a degree and put it to good use."

Young is well grounded and has had excellent direction in his short career, but with so many options, what is it going to take to get one of the nation's best linemen to sign on the dotted line come February?

"I'm going to look at how well I get along with my position coach and not just him but the strength and conditioning coach. The two coaches you see all the time are your position coach and the strength coach. I want to be in a program that has a chance to win or is in the position to win. I've been on losing teams before and it's not the best feeling. The final thing I'll look at is how I fit in at the school. I've been taking these unofficial visits to see the people there and the culture on campus and see how I fit in. That will probably influence me a lot."

Young helped lead his St. Thomas Acquinas team to the State Finals last year, and they are poised for a run at the Championship again this year. Young has everything it takes to be a dominating player on the field and a leader on and off of it. Who will be the lucky team?

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