Rose has 26 Offers; Duke Still Very Strong

Daron Rose, one of the top OL prospects in the country, still has Duke near the top of his list

Daron Rose is one of the best offensive linemen available the entire south for the class of 2006. His offer total is rapidly approaching 30 and other schools appear poised to jump on board as well. This past weekend he stayed home in the Sunshine State to check out the Florida Gators. What were his impressions?

"Apart from the weather, it really surprised me how similar it was to Jefferson. Their OL coach is almost identical to ours. I got a great feel for the staff and all the players get along. You see that intensity. You can tell they've got their swagger back," Daron Rose said.

What did he like most about the trip?

"I kind of like how they started practice. How the offense and the defense got together and did the head to head, bull in the ring type of drill. That's pretty much how we start practice every day."

Daron takes us through his day at UF.

"I got over to UF around 9:30 met my area coach and my position coach. I talked to some of the guys I knew already like Andre Caldwell. He just told me how it is up there and how the new coaching staff is. How he likes it up there. He was just basically trying to get me to go up there with him."

The Tampa star also got some private time with Urban Meyer.

"Coach Meyer pulled me aside and talked to me. He said they were very interested, told me about the scheme and let me know they wanted me to play for them."

Did this improve Florida's standing with Rose?

"It definitely bumped them up. I'd have to say Duke, Maryland, Michigan and Florida are all even at the top now."

What does he like about each of those programs?

Duke: "They've been with me since my freshman year and were the first to offer me. They have a great staff and great academics. The school is getting behind the football program a lot and I can challenge for early playing time."

Maryland: "Academic wise, they have one of the top criminal justice programs. Also I can come right in and challenge for playing time."

Michigan: "I like the tradition there with the coaches and the success they have putting OL's in the NFL. You can talk to any OL in the country and that's one of the best schools to go to."

Florida: "It's pretty much the college version of Jefferson HS. They need tackles like me and it wouldn't take me but like a week to learn the scheme. It's so similar to our school, I know I'd feel at home."

Rose will take another trip this coming weekend.

"This weekend I'm either going to UCF or USF. I haven't exactly decided which one just yet."

Kansas and Auburn are the two latest schools to extend a scholarship offer. That gives Daron 26 and counting.

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