Clint: McDonalds Game Notes

If their performance in the 2005 McDonalds All American game was any indication of the chemistry that Duke fans can expect between Greg Paulus and Josh McRoberts -- then Blue Devil faithful have a reason to be excited. The 6-2 Paulus looked like the pure point guard/quarterback that he is en route to his solid performance scoring 13 points and handing out nine assists.

He and the 6-10 McRoberts looked like seasoned veterans who had been playing together for years as their squad picked up the tough victory.

Gerald Green led all scorers with 24 points, including a barrage of three-balls and acrobatic drives to the hole but McRoberts played a solid game as well scoring 17 points and grabbing a team high 11 rebounds.

Here are some of our notes on the game from Paulus, McRoberts and Eric Boateng.


What a solid performance for Paulus. Early in the game, Paulus looked like a young Steve Nash with some impressive ankle-breaking crossovers and dishes to to McRoberts and Gerald Green, amongst others. He made several clever passes within the half court set as well as transition. He also fed super-athlete Louis Williams for an impressive assist early on.

He nearly sent a young cheerleader to the hospital in the first half as well as he gave up his body and dove out of bounds to save the ball. He had one really impressive feed on the break as the middle man when he fired a no-look left handed assist on the break that wowed the crowd as well as former Duke guard Jason Williams, who was the color analyst for ESPN. He also showed calm nerves and touch from the free throw line as he hit 9-10 from the line. He showed a lot of poise with the ball, but did have some turnovers as he usually does against the high pressure defense at times. We liked his burst with the ball on several occasions leaving Byron Eaton and Bobby Frasor in the dust as he darted in the lane.

Overall, just a great game for the future Duke point guard.


As we said earlier, the chemistry between Paulus and McRoberts seems to already be there. What we love about McRoberts is that he just seems to have a maturity and a calm nature out there in regards to his decisions. Some players tend to let the excitement of the game make them rush shots, forget their teammates and try to play too fast. Not McRoberts. This kid is so calm, cool and collective out there that it's scary to think he's only 17 years old.

McRoberts started the game quickly with a smooth looking reverse dunk in the lane and a nice set three-ball from the top side of the key. Later on, Paulus fed him again for another dunk in traffic. The Carmel senior really took the ball strong to the hole and gets up quickly off his feet, which will help him next year in the ACC. He later hit another three, showcasing what some scouts feel is his biggest weakness -- the long range jump shot. We've always spoke highly of his passing instincts and he really showed the crowd some of that ability in the game with a sweet no-look hook pass to a cutting teammate. He was all over the boards on the both ends of the floor using his length, quick feet and athletic prowess. Later in the game, McRoberts caught a pass in transition -- a sweet dime courtesy of 6-6 UNC bound Danny Green for another rim crusher in traffic. And as with Paulus, a great overall game for the Duke bound power forward.

He had several big time moments in the game.


Unfortunately for the 6-11 British center, he couldn't quite match the performance of the other two Duke kids on the roster. The big fella did his usual thing of running the floor (very fast incase no one noticed) but he just seemed a little intimidated out there with the level of talent around him. He didn't get the minutes that Paulus or McRoberts had and let's face it -- he's just raw and will need some time, patience and coaching to develop. We've always said that in regards to Boateng -- he might be a good 1.5-2 years away from being a solid ACC center at Duke. But he's got all of the tools -- agility, athleticism and a strong work ethic -- to be a solid ACC player down the road.

Analyst Tim McCormick had pleasant things to say about the potential of the young London native when prompted during the game.

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