Zoubek Has Surgery; Trims List

Brian Zoubek is going to miss some time on the summer circuit. However, the 7-foot-1 center out of Jersey has trimmed his list to a manageable number and talked about his situation with Scout.com.

First things first. Brian Zoubek, Scout.com's No. 15 prospect in the Class of 2006, will have minor surgery on his elbow April 8th. The 7-foot-1 big man injured his elbow during the season and they'll remove some scar tissue. "I should be back for the beginning of May," Zoubek said.

While the surgery is nothing to worry about long term, it will take him off the traveling team circuit in the short term. He won't run with the New Jersey All-Stars at Boo Williams this weekend.

Coaches have been dropping by Haddonfield (N.J.) High's gym to check in with Zoubek. Mid-week, Duke's Mike Krzyzewski stopped by for a chat.

"Coach came up and visited," Zoubek said. "It went real well. We got to talk for and cleared up a few things.

"They have expressed a high amount of interest. We haven't talked about specifics in terms of scholarships."

As it stands right now, Duke, Wake Forest and Stanford are Zoubek's top three. Notre Dame remains in the picture and is trying to work itself into the first tier of schools.

While he's on the mend, Zoubek is going to take the time to visit a few places. The first trip is slated for this month to Durham. "I'm actually going to Duke the 22nd for an official and the end of the year banquet," Zoubek said. "The next weekend is probably Stanford and then Wake but I'm not sure about those two dates."

One thing that is certain is the importance of academics in his decision. Some guys talk the talk about the classroom but for Zoubek, academics are enormous. "They're everything. They're the most important thing for my family and it's a huge part of my decision."

The potential future history major wants to end his recruitment prior to the end of the summer. He's talked to others about early decisions and feels like ending it before the fall is the way to go.

"I'd like to get it over with before the end of the summer to avoid a lot of pressure. I've talked to a lot of guys that decided before the end of their senior summer and they really liked the fact that they did."

Zoubek says he's not afraid of the distance, meaning he could pick Stanford if it's the right fit. Staying close is preferable but in the end, his decision will be made not based on miles but rather the total package of a program.

Early on some thought that once Stanford locked down the Lopez Twins it might take a back seat. Zoubek said he and Trent Johnson have addressed that already. "I know that one of them is more like a wing and the other one would switch off and fight for a spot. We could just go with a pretty big lineup."

Thus far, Wake, Notre Dame and Stanford have offered. Duke, while showing a tremendous amount of interest, has yet to say the word "offer."

"I'm pretty sure they all will," Zoubek said. "It's just a matter of saying they do offer. It's not going to make a factor in my decision because most of them all will."

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