Real Deal: Checking In With Gerald Henderson

After spending last weekend in Durham with the Blue Devils on his official visit, Gerald Henderson didn't speak with the media until <I>TDD</i>'s Jeff Goodman caught up with the 6-foot-5 slasher at The Real Deal Tournament in Fayetteville, Ark. Read on for the latest on this high major prospect and an update on his recruitment.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - While Gerald Henderson hasn't completely crossed the other schools off his list, it's practically a forgone conclusion he'll end up choosing from Duke and Villanova.

Henderson has been erratic the times we've seen him down in Arkansas. He's a good athlete who makes a lot happen, but he hasn't caught the ball as well as usual.

Henderson said he enjoyed his visit to Duke, but it doesn't look like things will happen as quickly as what's been reported in Philadelphia newspapers of late.

``I really liked my visit to Duke last weekend," Henderson said. "I'd been down there before, but they showed me a real good time and I got a good feel for what campus life was like."

The highlight? That's an easy one.

``Playing with the guys," he said. "J.J. (Redick) and Daniel Ewing weren't there, but I thought I held my own."

Henderson is planning on taking an official visit to Villanova with teammate Wayne Ellington in late April. Look for the duo to make their decisions shortly after the visit and don't look for them to play together.

``I'm not making a decision anytime in the next week," Henderson said. "I really don't have a firm time frame right now."

Henderson had some high praise for Scheyer, who torched the Playaz in a pool-play game earlier in the day.

``He can really shoot it," Henderson said of the fellow Duke recruit. "He was phenomenal. He came right at us and he was really great out there."

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