Another FL Lineman is Offered

Everyone knows about Daron Rose, but Duke has offered another big time lineman from the Sunshine state. In fact Jarrod Holt spent last weekend visiting the Duke campus and came away extremely impressed.

Jarrod Holt is yet another OL who will throw his name in the hat for honors in the Sunshine State. He has already picked up a pair of offers and a host of other schools are showing interest as well. Who has jumped on board thus far?

"Duke has offered me and Pittsburgh has offered me. I really haven't narrowed it down to 5 favorite schools yet or anything. I've gotten letters from everybody though," Jarrod Holt said.

What is most important to him in picking a school?

"Academics are very important to me first of all. Definitely a good football program and football staff as well."

Jarrod visited one of the first 2 schools to offer them this past weekend.

"I just got back from Duke today (Sunday). My brother plays for N.C. State so I stopped at Duke on the way up there to see his spring game. I like the education and they have great guys on the team. I think the campus is awesome."

Did he grow up a fan of any school?

"I'm a Florida boy so I've been growing up with UF, FSU and Miami. I really like them all. I didn't just cheer for just one of them."

How would he describe the game he brings to the field on Friday night?

"I feel my strength is that I'm a great run blocker. I'm equally good at pass blocking but I get a chance to run block a lot more."

Where will he camp this summer?

"I'm not doing any camps really but I'm going to a lot of Combines. I'll be at the Combine on May 7th."

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