Top Georgia Athlete Talks Recruiting

Asher Allen is one of the top athletes in the south this year, and the Tucker running back/cornerback keeps adding to his list of offers as we enter the spring evaluation period.

"I'm just running track right now," said Asher Allen. "We have regionals next week, and I'll be doing the 100, 200, and 4x100 relay."

Allen's list of offers has continued to grow, even if it's not at the same pace that he runs the 100 meters.

"I'm up the 13 now. It kind of slowed down for a while, but then I got my SAT scores out and it picked back up. I got a 990 on the old SAT, and I just got my score back on the new SAT and it was a 1,400."

Does Allen want to play the field, or does he have a pretty good idea of where he'd like to go to school?

"I'll probably end up in the SEC or the ACC, but I'd consider a big time school away from here. Oklahoma has been sending me a lot of mail, but they haven't offered yet. I'd consider a team like that. Otherwise, I'll probably stay in the south somewhere."

Allen played running back and free safety last year, and he will get some time to play corner this year. Where would he like to play on the next level.

"It really doesn't matter. I look at it realistically. If my chances are better out of college to play on the next level at corner, than I'll play corner. There aren't too many Emmitt Smith's out there that can take that pounding for a long time at his size. I just love the game of football. I just want to play."

Allen certainly isn't ready to concede anything yet though.

"I read all the time how I'm not as strong as (former teammate) Thomas Brown. Thomas was benching 385 when he left here, and I'm doing 350 right now. I may not look it, but I'm that strong too," Allen said with a good natured laugh.

Allen has been talked to by schools to play on either side of the ball on the next level. He's the type of student athlete that coaches worry about signing first, where to play him second.

Interest in Duke: While Allen is one of the top athletes in the South and did visit Duke in February, it seems that the Blue Devils have some ground to make up.

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