Wright Waiting On the Age Limit

TheDevilsDen.com's Steve Clark had the chance to sit down with highly sought after 2006 Tennessee PF Brandan Wright to discuss a variety of topics, including the NBA, his feelings on his top three college programs, and what drives him as a player. Check out the premium ticket to get the latest from Wright.

TDD: Most people know about Brandan Wright the player. Can you shed some light on yourself as a person off the court?

Brandan Wright: I'm a real laid back guy, I like hanging out with my friends, playing PS2, hanging out at football games, I'm just a real chill guy, I'm not a spotlight-on-me kind of person.

With you blowing up awhile back at Nike Camp, can you shed some light on what it was like for you, the transition from another prospect to an elite one?

It was actually a pretty smooth transition, I've been raised the right way and I felt pretty comfortable with the attention, I mean, I'm confident in my abilities.

Where does that confidence come from?

I think it's because I've paid attention to other people's mistakes and I've learned how to handle things in a mature fashion.

What type of people have you looked at in that way?

I've watched a lot of things on ESPN; you know those shows where you go in depth on a player's life? Well, I've watched guys like Kobe and Allen Iverson and other guys and seen how they handled adversity in their life, that's been really helpful for me.

Has there been anything or anybody else that has had a big impact in your development, both as a person and a player?

Being at Brentwood Academy has been a good experience for me; being in such a challenging place has helped me a lot. Also, getting a chance to do speaking engagements at my grandma's school, speaking with the little kids has been great, that's something really special to me.

There are a lot of people out there who say, you don't really need college, your game is NBA Ready all ready. How would you respond to that?

People like that give me the extra motivation to go out and work even harder, I mean, I think I need to work a lot harder and grow in a lot of areas if I'm going to go to the NBA and succeed.

Can you talk a little bit about the pros and cons for your development as a player and person between college and the pros?

Well, if I went pro, from talking with people that I know, it would be a lot more on me, the NBA is a man's league and I've heard that players develop more with their individual workouts, rather than the team workouts. If I went to college, I think I would develop more as a player just due to it being a more team environment and having that one on one instruction from the coaching staff would be good.

Who are the people that you know that have been talking with you about life in the NBA?

Well, I've talked with David Harrison (Denver Nuggets C) and also the coaching staffs at the schools I'm looking at, they've got a lot of contacts in the league, they've been good about telling me the info about where I stand as a player, what I need to work on.

You and Coach K have talked a few times before, can you talk specifically about what your relationship is like?

Coach K is a really private guy, he's really genuine in his approach with me, I mean, the times we've talked, we haven't talked hardly any about basketball, it's just been more on a personal level. I really respect just the overall knowledge that he has for the game and also for my game in general, I mean, when we talked, he really had a good idea about my skills and he gave me a few pointers.

Staying with college, can you talk about what's the important factors for you deciding on what program you go to?

Biggest thing is I want to play with good players, I want to be with a coach that's going to help me develop, and I want to go to a place where I'm really comfortable.

With Duke, when you arrive on campus, there's already going to be some pretty good players on the frontcourt with McRoberts, Boykin and Zoubek, how do you feel about that?

To be honest with you, I like that; I'm not shy about earning my spot, and with Duke signing a lot of five star players, that's a big advantage for them in my eyes.

Lets talk some more about the NBA, can you talk about where your passion comes from when it comes to having that goal?

When I started getting real good in high school and started performing real well at events, it made me start thinking about it, over time, playing well against the top guys just made it a solid goal for me.

What's your reaction to the NBA and a possible age limit coming into effect?

Well, it's something that I'm aware of, there's nothing I can really do until June 30, so, it's just a wait and see thing.

If you had to choose between the NBDL and college, which option looks better to you?

I think college would definitely be a better option, just with the development I would get from being on a college team.

A lot of your responses tonight really kind of paint a picture that college is the better option for you, but yet, the NBA seems to be the main priority, can you shed some light as to where you stand exactly with the pros and college?

I would say that college is where I'm leaning to, but without knowing the age limit situation, it's hard for me to absolutely know, both options are really, really appealing.

How's your summer shaping up then?

Well, June is a slow month, I'm only doing one event in June, then July is shaping up to be a busy month with events. With the recruiting side of things, not too much is going to change until after the NBA Age Limit becomes clearer.

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