Loyalty Paying Off With Big FL OL

Duke was the first to offer Javon Hill, and that counts for something in his mind. The big Florida lineman says he's also starting to hear from several high major programs in the early summer session.

Javon Hill is a big OL prospect from south Florida and he's still holding firm first offer at this time.

"I still stand with Duke as my only offer at this time. I'm getting a little interest from Oklahoma and some others right now like Kansas State and Tulane," Javon Hill said.

Which schools comprise his top 5?

"I just made my new list yesterday and I like Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Duke, Auburn and Florida State. Florida State is the one I've received the least amount of attention from so far."

What has put those schools in contention?

Oklahoma: "When me and the coach talk it sounds real promising. Coach Wilson is real down to earth and I like him a lot."

Pittsburgh: "Our RB Conredge Collins is going out there and I think at the collegiate level Dave Wannstedt will do really good."

Duke: "They've been with me from square one even when I had the little injury. They liked that I played through all of that pain and everything."

Auburn: "I like that it's close to home. They have my type of lineman, big and bulky. I also love to run block."

Florida State: "I always liked Bobby Bowden and their OL is just huge. I want to be in that type of environment where I can learn from them."

Any camp plans in the near future for Hill?

"I'm not too sure on individual team camps right now but I'd like to camp at Florida and Miami since they're down the street."

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