NBAPA Spotlight: Eric Gordon

As Duke continues to evaluate and choose which players would fill out the roster from the class of 2007, one name continues to rise towards the top. Eric Gordon,'s top rated combo guard in the class of 07 sat down with to discuss his recruitment and his experience at the NBA Players Camp.

From watching you this week, it seems you've taken a smaller role on the team in terms of putting up big numbers.

Eric Gordon: Yeah, I kinda tried to play the team game, I mean playing with a point guard like Nic Wise and a shooting guard like Scotty Reynolds, I've tried to concentrate on just doing the little things and slashing more, that's what the team needed.

What have you learned from this week?

It's been a good experience for me, I've learned a lot when it comes to playing better defense and also some moves on the offensive end.

One thing that has stood out has been your rebounding. You're really boarding for being a 6'3 guard.

Oh yeah, I mean, that's always been part of my game, I mean, being a little bit stronger than some other guys, I always try to help out with the rebounding.

For those who don't know your game, give us a scouting report on yourself.

I just try and stay aggressive, I can slash and shoot the ball, so, I play pretty much the 1 or 2, I just try to help the team win.

Turning towards the topic of recruiting, we've seen you mention several different schools over the past few months. Duke has been one that has been there and then disappeared and then reappeared at different times. What's the story?

Oh no, Duke's always been on my list, I mean, me and Coach Wojo talk all the time. He calls me and I call them as much as we can. We text message each other quite a bit, so, Duke's always been there.

You've been quoted as having Illinois as your leader. What is it makes them stand out at this point?

Really the only reason why Illinois is my leader is because I've done a lot of unofficial visits there and that's basically the only school that's really had me in.

You mentioned Duke's interest has always been there. What are your thoughts on them as a program?

It's really exciting, I mean, I really have a lot of respect for Duke and Coach K and the whole program, I can definitely say that Duke is high up on the list.

Anything in particular?

I'm good friends with Josh McRoberts, we talk a lot about Duke and how he's excited to be a part of that program, so, he's talked with me about that. But other than that, I mean, their academics are top notch, they have the type of program, both academic and team wise that I'm looking for.

Have they talked visits or anything like that?

Duke's been trying to get me in for an unofficial for awhile, we just haven't been able to get the dates straight, but yeah, I mean, I definitely would like for Duke to step up their interest, it would really shoot them right up the list if they increased their attention towards me.

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