NBAPA Spotlight: Stanley Robinson

Even though he's not as nationally recognized as some other players in the class of 06, Stanley Robinson has been quietly going about his business this week at the NBAPA Camp in Richmond. Going up against the top post players in the country, Stanley had a lot to say as he sat down with the for an in depth look at his game and recruitment.

Some say you've flown under the radar on the national stage. Do you agree?

Stanley Robinson: To be honest with you, it doesn't really bother me, I mean, A LOT of schools already know about me and I'm getting noticed at the high levels, so, I think the right people know about me.

Can you shed some light as to your motivations on the court?

Whenever I play, I always try to stay aggressive and just use my skills to my advantage. Here at the NBA Camp, my team has needed me to be a slasher but also to help out on the boards, so, that's what I'm trying to do.

How would you characterize your game for somebody who maybe hasn't seen you?

I'm an inside-out type of player, I can play both the three and the four, I'm comfortable either way.

Did you go into this week with any type of goals, personally or playing wise?

Oh yeah, I mean, I wanted to come in this week and just get better with shooting the ball and also with passing it as well. I've definitely learned a lot this week.

What's it been like going against the top guys like Kevin Love, Cole Aldrich and such?

I mean, it's been a real challenge, I'm not scared or anything, I've just tried playing my game, not try and do too much.

With the classroom sessions that the NBA does here at camp on issues like girls, agents, workouts, stuff like that, can you talk about the value of that kind of thing?

I mean, it was shocking to learn what I learned, especially about women and agents, just the stuff they will try and do to drag you down, I've definitely learned a lot about who you can and can't trust.

Have you been exposed to anything like that yet? Has anything about the recruiting process really shocked you or anything?

No, not really, I learned early on the lesson of keeping a close circle of friends, not letting the outside people in who may hurt you, up till now, it hasn't been anything major.

Shifting gears a bit, lets talk about your school list. You have a pretty sizeable one (over 10 schools), can you shed some light on where you are in the process?

I mean, I haven't really had a chance to really, really evaluate all the schools that are showing me interest, since it's still so early in the process, that's why I have such a large list, because there's so many schools sending me stuff.

It's been noted that Duke has begun to target you. Can you elaborate?

Duke's been involved; they've sent me stuff, but, it's basically up to them, they haven't been as active as some of the other schools have. I mean, it's really awesome that Duke is interested in me, just to be mentioned as someone they are looking at is an honor.

Sounds like both sides are trying to figure this out?

It'd be cool and all if they stepped up their interest. Coach K is a great coach and Duke's a great school, but it wouldn't like instantly bring them to the top of the list, it would just make them stand out just like other schools have stood out that are on my list.

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