Devils Make Top Five For Big OL

Daniel Wenger has cut his list down to a top five, which includes the Blue Devils along with several other top programs.

Daniel Wenger is an OL prospect that has gotten a lot of attention from recruiters so far this season. The STA standout has picked up close to 30 offers but only 5 schools have made his most recent favorites list. Who are they?

"I like Florida, Duke, Oklahoma, Alabama and Penn State. I don't have a leader right now," Daniel Wenger said.

Why have those programs made the cut?

Florida: "They have good athletics, great academics and Coach Meyer is going to be really turning the program around with his discipline and the way he teaches."

Duke: "Academics you know. They recruit a certain type of player that doesn't screw up in the classroom and is going to have his grades right."

Oklahoma: "They have a rich tradition in offensive linemen and being able to compete for a National Championships every year."

Alabama: "Mike Shula's nephew told me I needed to go take a look at it and I'm intrigued by them."

Penn State: "I'm originally from Pennsylvania and I didn't really grow up a fan of anyone but I always leaned towards Penn State because of Coach Paterno."

Which factors will Daniel base his final decision on?

"Just basically where I feel that I'm going to fit the best. Can I see myself here for the next 4 or 5 years? I'm also looking at who they recruited on the offensive line. I want to make sure they just didn't sign a big class of OL's and I also want to see who's leaving as well."

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