Drum Surprised With Number of Offers

Rob Drum, a 6-7 265lbs lineman from Hoover, Alabama , hasn't been playing organized football at a high level for more than a year. Still, given his physical gifts, the big lineman has gotten plenty of high major interest from all over the country.

Where have you camped this summer? "For camps, I have gone to Ole Miss and Alabama, and that has been it so far. I am still planning to go to Auburn's camp, and our team is going to the Hawg Wild team camp at Mountain Brook (AL) High."

Talk about your experience at the Ole Miss camp. "I guess I would have to say it was a really good camp for me being that I am new to the game. It was all about fundamentals, techniques, and just trying to make you into a better player. It was not an evaluation process. I would also have to say it was the largest out of the two camps."

Talk about your experience at the Alabama camp. "It was a little more evaluation oriented, more like a combine. The camp was not as long, and they did not do that many drills or teachings."

Have you spoken to either staff about what they thought of your performances? "I have spoken to Coach Deleone at Ole Miss a couple of times. He said they were really interested in me, and they hope to have an offer for me as soon as they see some more film."

Who are some other schools that are heavily in the mix for your services? "Duke, Louisville, and Georgia Tech are the other three schools that I am very interested in. And I guess you could put Auburn in there too."

Any offers? "Duke, Louisville, and Georgia Tech have offered me."

Are you surprised that you are receiving this much recruiting attention with only one year of experience? "This has definitely surprised me. I did not know what to say when I got my first offer from Georgia Tech. They offered me back in February."

What are Georgia Tech's positives? "Definitely their academics and being a big time ACC contender."

What has caught your eye with Duke? "I went up there at the beginning of the summer. I love the area and their academic record. You can go a long ways with a Duke degree. They also really convinced me they are on their way up, as far as football goes, and that was the biggest thing of all."

You said you visited Duke; where else have you been? "I went to Auburn's A-Day. I went to Alabama's Jr Day, and I also went to Georgia Tech's Jr Day. I took unofficials to Louisville and Duke this summer, and I have been to Ole Miss and Alabama for their camps."

What did you learn about Louisville during your visit? "I guess I really got to personally see why they made such a rise in the college ranks. I really think they are going to play for a national championship in the near future."

Talk about Alabama's positives? "Our whole family roots for Alabama. I guess it is just the history and tradition."

Auburn? "Definitely the winning they have been doing recently. I hear they have a real good strength and conditioning program too."

What attracts you to Ole Miss? "When I went there, I just loved their campus. It has that old southern feeling to it. I guess you can say it is quaint over there."

What are going to be the main factors for you when it comes decision time? "I definitely have to be in a successful program. That is going to be biggest thing, and their academics will be very important too."

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