Pre-July 2006 Top 100

As we get started with our extensive month of July coverage on the recruiting trail, thought it would helpful to update our 2006 player rankings. No changes at the top, this is Greg Oden and Kevin Durant's show!

July is the month guys move in and out of our Top 100. Reputations are on the line and rankings at stake. Therefore, we thought it would helpful to update our Class of 2006 rankings as we set out to cover the action across the country in the month of July.

This list WILL change in August so take a good look at it now. There's been some additions to the Top 100 and more kids are likely to play their way in over the next few weeks.

It's also important to note that for now, we've limited the Top 100 to current seniors. What does this mean? Well, if you were recruited as a senior last year like for instance Davon Jefferson, you aren't on this list. We're presently mulling over options to add a post grad component to our database so that we can accurately rate the post graduate players.

However, for those post-grads that have decided on a destination (Ex. Jonathan Mandeldove) we've gone ahead and included them in our position rankings. As we finalize destinations for prep schoolers in August, we'll continue to add them to our position rankings with an eye on developing our Top 25 post grad list this fall! Pre-Summer 2006 Top 100

If you're into breaking down the class by position, simply take a look at the Top 100 and in the right hand corner of the you'll find links to each position.

Here's an example of the Point Guard Breakdown

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