A Reader Scouts An All-Star Game

A reader went to the game Sonny Vacarro runs and sent us his impressions.

I was at the EA Sports Roundball game -- formerly the Sonny Vaccaro Roundball Classic tonight, and I typed up some thoughts. If y'all want to edit/post them, feel free.

Ray Felton and Jason Fraser were MVPs for the victorious East. Sean Dockery was the West MVP.

Here are some evaluations. I'm no guru. I'm just going on what I saw.


Lenny Cooke was the most athletically gifted player on the floor, and the one who looked like he *might* be ready to jump straight to the league. He had 21, hit a three and several other jumpers and had some vicious dunks in transition. He's just stronger and quicker than most others in this game, and he took advantage of it.

Ray Felton's real good. He's not as good as some of the hype over at Inside Carolina, but he's good. He's got a good, but not great jumper, with excellent range, and great baseline to baseline speed. Quick hands and handles and good elevation. He's built a little like Tim Hardaway. Thick upper body and all. He's not the listed 6-2 though. More like 6-0. He'll start from day one at UNC, and make them much better than they were this year. He's a shoot first PG it seemed tonight though, but he hit the shots that mattered. Ended up with, by my count and the UC scoreboard 21 pts, 6 assists, 4 rebounds and three steals.

Jason Fraser is a beast. He had 10 points, 14 boards and 5 blocks. He's not flashy, but he's really good. He, along with Curtis Sumpter (very athletic wing with decent skill and a decent shot) and Allen Ray (combo guard with a nose for the ball (12 points 7 boards 5 assists) will make Villanove better immediately. They were all very active and aggressive, and will give Villanova some sorely needed weapons.

Daniel Horton (PG from Texas going to Michigan) didn't do a whole lot. He played all of his 24 minutes next to Felton though, so he didn't see the ball much. He'll give Tommy the PG he needed all this year though.

Brad Buckman (PF from Texas going to Texas) was really active. He's got good athleticism and some back to the basket game. He had trouble finishing though. Still, I think he's going to be a good one.

Sani Ibrahim (still uncommitted C from Oak Hill) wants to go to the league. The only league he'll be in is the NBDL. The kid needs college bad. He's not that athletic or skilled. He's just tall and strong. He did have 11 points and and 14 boards, but it wasn't exactly impressive.


Sean Dockery had 14 points, 10 assists, 5 rebounds and 5 steals. I'm obviously a little biased, but Dockery is really good. He and Felton played each other head to head in the first half, and each had 6 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds and a steal going head to head. Dockery's quick, although not as quick as Felton but he's a excellent defender with height and long arms. Much more of a pass first PG than some of the others in the game, and carrying Julian (his H.S. Team) this year developed his offensive game. I was really impressed. Having the game played in Chicago didn't hurt Sean's chances for the West MVP, but he earned it. He keyed a run to get the West back in the game, and his line speaks for itself.

Chris Bosh might be the best overall prospect in this game. He had 14 points, 8 boards and 5 blocks. He's long and quick at 6-9, and his arms go on for ever. He's got decent face up skill and a good jumper, and a developed post game. He gets off the floor quickly and runs really, really well. He's going to make Tech a lot better immediately, and I think it won't be too long before he's wearing a bad suit in the green room on NBA Draft night. In short, he's really, really good, and Tech is going to be really, really good. Hewitt's the man.

Shelden's tough. He was as strong as anyone in the game, physically, and he rebounds well. He ended with 12 points and 10 rebounds. He hit two threes in three attempts, and has a nice stroke. He can handle the ball pretty well for a 6-9 guy, and he's got long arms and decent hands to reboudn with. He's pretty much everything you would expect from a PF. He's not a center or a wing. He's a PF, and he's going to be a really good one.

Anthony Roberson is a shorter, quicker Brett Nelson, and that's not a good thing. In a game where everyone is selfish, Anthony was really selfish. He didn't hit a three the whole night and probably ended up like 3 for 15 from the floor. He's lucky if he's six feet tall and he's not real strong. Felton abused him pretty badly. His backcourt mate for the game was Fresno's Antonio Lawrence. If there had been three balls on the court, I don't think it would have been enough to go around. I've seen Dockery before here in Chicago, and I like him a lot. Tons. It took me all of two minutes to understand Ks decision to take Sean over Roberson. The guy's won three titles for a reason.

Steve Novak will really fit in well at Marquette. Of the 20 guys that played tonight, Novak had the best looking shot, and, from what I saw, was the best shooter. He hit two triples and a couple more jumpers from outside 15 feet. He's a little bit out of position -- not exactly quick enough to be a three and not strong enough to be a four -- but he's smart and he's got great court awareness. Lenny Cooke abused him, but that's not fair to Steve. He's going to be a really, really nice player.

DeAngelo Collins needs to go to college badly. If he does, he's going to be something. He's got a ton of athletic talent and good skill, he just needs to be smarter and a lot tougher. If he ends up in college (whether it be next year or after two years of JUCO) he's got the tools to be a real star, if he works hard enough.

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