One on One With Brian Greene

Fifth year senior defensive back Brian Greene sat down with TDD to discuss the Blue Devils' 2005 season outlook, early impressions from mini-camp, and other topics at the annual media day luncheon. Coach is always going to preach about the big picture and not putting all your eggs in one basket, but just how important is the game against East Carolina?

Brian  Greene: Honestly, it's a huge game for us. It could determine our season, and we know that. To start the season off with a win would be a huge boost our team. We have to go in knowing this is an important game and use that mentality to our advantage.

Is it fair to call it a make or break kind of game?

It's important, but we need to approach it like any other game. Like coach says, we need to go out there and work hard and prepare. Each week is the biggest game of the season for us.

As a unit, the defensive backfield is expected to be a strength of this year's team. Do you feel any pressure to up your performance because of that?

Not really. I think we all know what we have to do week in and week out. It's a compliment that we are considered to be a big part of our success this year, and we need to take pride in that.

With some inexperience at the linebacker position, what are you guys expecting from that group in terms of helping you?

I think we're going to have a very good group there. Pat Bailey is so much stronger than he was a year ago, and Cody Lowe at middle linebacker is going to really make some noise this season.

With all the hype of the freshman class, are they ‘the real deal'?

Without a doubt. The talent level Coach Roof is bringing in is just ridiculous. With last year's freshman class and this year's, you can tell it's a new level of player.

One player we've heard about is Adrian Aye-Darko. What are your opinions of him?

He's taken some huge strides in the weight room and on the field. He just seems to know the game so much better than he did last season. He's been really great for the second team so far.

Who else has stood out so far?

Chris Davis is a lot stronger than he was a year ago, and he's really improved his contact speed. He's not just running into people, now he just runs through them. Also, Mike Schneider looks like a different player. He's just so much more aware of what's going on around him on the field.

Coach Roof mentioned the freshmen on the defensive line have looked good so far. How does that help the team going forward?

The fact that he brought in that level of talent is really going to help us. Last year we'd get into the third quarter and had 300lbs guys who had already played 70 snaps. By the end of the game it was usually 80 or 90. They couldn't pressure the quarterbacks as much, which made our job harder. This year they'll only have to play around 40 or so.

Is there a specific number of wins that would make this a successful season?

No really. We want to go in and play hard each week, and we believe we finally have enough to be able to win each and every week. But, we're not setting a number. Obviously we want to win more than we have in the past.

Finally, what are your thoughts on the new uniforms?

They've got a kind of old-school feel to them. I like them.

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