One on One With Demetrius Warrick

Fifth year senior converted offensive lineman Demetrius Warrick sat down with TDD on Friday After tearing your ACL is there anything in the back of your in terms of re-injury?

Demetrius Warrick: Not anymore. I can't play like I'm worried about getting hurt, or I will get hurt..

After four years, what are your impressions of where the program is headed?

You couldn't script it better than it's gone in the last year or so. I mean I wish we'd have had it turned around when I had more time here, but it's finally heading in the right direction and that's big.

Obviously the freshman D-line class comes in with a lot of notoriety, what advice do you give them?

Just that they need to work harder than we did. I mean we've busted our butts for the last four years and they need to work even harder. The expectations on them and this team is going to continue to be higher and higher every year.

What's the been the biggest difference for you in your switch from defensive to offensive line?

You have to think a lot more than you did on defense. I mean if someone misses a hole on defense, there's someone behind you who can come up and stop them. That's not going to happen on offense.

Anything else?

You kind of give up your personal identity on the offensive line. You have to play as a unit and everyone needs to be on the same page if we're going to succeed.

What do you mean give up your identity?

I mean if the offensive line does its job, then you will hear how the unit did well. But most people don't have any idea who the guys on the line are. That's fine with me, I'd rather have no one call my name on the PA and help our team win than the other way around.

The coaches say that every game is important, but is the game against ECU more important than they let on?

I think it's important, but they've gotten us to believe in everything they are saying, so when they say it's no more important than any other game we believe that. We'll be ready to play though.

People say that this group of freshman are a new level of players. What is the biggest difference you notice in them compared to previous years?

Just how big they are. I mean when I came in I was around 220 pounds. These guys are coming in at nearly 300 pounds for most of them, if not above it. I can't imagine how big they'll be when they are seniors.

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