A Blue Devil Dynasty: Game Four

We continue our first year on the EA Sports Dynasty by taking on UVa in Game 4

Week 5, Season 1. Duke(2-1) @ #25 Virginia(1-1)
Regional Broadcast
Corso - Virginia Herbstriet – Virginia

After running over VMI in their last game, the Blue Devils enter the fourth game of the season on a high note. However they will face a stern test in the Cavaliers, especially with the defense having problems in both stopping the run and the passing attack.

First Quarter

UVA: 46 yard pass for a TD(PAT good) 0-7 [6:56]
UVA: 20 yard field goal 0-10 [4:51]
UVA: 1 yard run for a TD(PAT good) 0-17 [3:10]
UVA: 45 yard field goal 0-20 [1:40]

Second Quarter

UVA: 3 yard pass for a TD(PAT good) 0-27 [7:58]
UVA: 28 yard pass for a TD(PAT good) 0-34 [6:17]
UVA: 38 yard field goal 0-37 [2:44]
UVA: 40 yard field goal 0-40 [2:44]
Duke: 41 yard field goal 3-40 [0:00]
Halftime Score Duke 3 Virginia 40

Third Quarter

UVA: 39 yard Int. return for a TD(PAT good)3-47[7:32]
UVA: 10 yard pass for a TD(PAT good) 3-54 [5:46]
Duke: 9 yard pass for a TD(PAT good) 10-54 [4:36]
UVA: 42 yard field goal 10-57 [1:22]
UVA: 32 yard field goal 10-60 [0:43]

Fourth Quarter

Duke: 29 yard field goal 13-60 [6:22]
Duke: 1 yard run for a TD(PAT good) 20-60 [4:09]
Duke: 45 yard field goal 23-60 [1:23]

Final Score Duke 23 Virginia 60

As had been foreshadowed against a weak VMI team in the previous week, the defense had another off day and allowed the Wahoos to run wild in the air and on the ground. The lone bright spot for Duke was Cedric Dargan, who tallied 151 yards on 36 carries. Another bright spot is the pending return of injured QB Mike Schneider.

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