Quotes: East Carolina-24, Duke-21

Post game commentary from the Blue Devils after the loss to East Carolina

Justin Boyle

On second half
"We came back out in the second half, and our offensive line was doing a great job the whole game. But our turnovers late in the game were costly; they capitalized on them."

On first touchdown
"I saw the guy on the outside, and I saw after that it was wide open, so I just bounced off him and spun in."

On style of offense
"We just tried to take what they gave us today, and the running game was more wide open, so I guess that's what we capitalized on."

Patrick Bailey

On third downs
"The thing that hurt us the most was third-down situations. We just need to dump them on third downs, and that really killed us down the stretch."

On rallying from loss
"I don't think it's the end of the season. I think we just need to bounce back and go full steam against Virginia Tech. Hopefully things will turn out better then."

On difference between defense on first and second vs. third down
"We stopped them pretty well on first and second down. Our third down conversion rate was not good for us, and that just made us tired and kept letting them make bigger and bigger plays."

On East Carolina receivers
"Their receivers are great athletes. They definitely got themselves open to make big plays, and they did a good job about making it."

Ted Roof

On defense
"We don't have that margin for error. We're not going to beat very many teams unless we force turnovers defensively. That's why we played hard, fought hard. We weren't very good on third down, but I thought the rest of it was pretty decent defensively."

On making good decisions on scoring opportunities
"We've got to be an opportunistic football team. When we give ourselves opportunities to score or the opposition gives us opportunities, we've got to finish it. We've got to take advantage of those because we're only going to get so many."

On ECU's James Pinkney and Aundrae Allison
"We knew that Allison was a big-play guy from all the reports that we had read, and we've got to make plays on the deep end. A couple of times we didn't today, and whenever you don't do that, it costs you. It certainly did, and I think he did a good job, especially on third down, scrambling around and keeping drives in line. We've got to play better. That's the bottom line."

On playing hard
"I think we played a physical football game, and it comes down to finishing drives on offense and third downs on defense and a couple of kicks early in the game. That's what it comes down to."

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