Duke Named Co-Leader for 3 Star Lineman

Rob Drum (OT, Birmingham, AL) - Rob's father played basketball for the University of Mississippi before transferring to Samford during his collegiate days.Do not look now, but the Rebels are trying to lure another Drum into their family. It just happens to be for football rather than basketball.

From Ole Miss Spirit's Interview with Robert Drum:

How is your season going? "It is going pretty good, I guess. We won our first game in a big comeback. But we lost our second game and our starting QB, Neil Caudle, that committed to Auburn. He tore his ACL. I do not know what we are going to do now."

Now that you are into your second season or organized football; what improvements have you seen? "Really, I think run blocking more than anything else. I get more movement in the run game. I am better at pass blocking too, but that always came natural to me. It was like guarding someone on the basketball court. I am just a lot more confident now." Did your father play basketball for Ole Miss? "Yes sir."

Does this have any influence with you? "He only played there for a year or two and then he transferred to Samford. It had something to do with their coaches or something like that. Really, he never talks about his college days. He has never tried to sway me one way or the other. He is leaving everything up to me."

Have you received any new scholarship offers since we last spoke? "Vandy just offered me. Georgia Tech, Louisville, Duke, Marshall, and Central Florida have also offered me."

Who is closest to offering you next? "I would say Ole Miss or maybe Tennessee."

Any phone calls on September 1st? "Georgia Tech called me, and I think Central Florida called me too. Oh, Duke called me on that day too."

Anymore phone calls since? "Ole Miss and Tennessee have called."

Which coaches did you call on your own during the dead period? "I think the only three coaches I called during the dead period were Coaches Spencer (Duke), Sanders (Georgia Tech), and Deleone (Ole Miss)."

Who are your top schools right now? "I am still pretty much open. But I would have to say that Duke and Georgia Tech are two of my favorites."

What stands out about Duke? "Just their academics and I like their location. I think their program is also going to be on the rise the next couple of years."

What about Georgia Tech? "They have made 8 straight bowl games. They also have an excellent academic reputation."

Who else are you still considering? "Lets see, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. That is about it."

Which college is coming after you the hardest? "Probably Duke."

Are you close to making a commitment? "I am probably going to commit during the season."

Have you started to set up your official visits? "No, I have not set any up yet. I know Duke and Georgia Tech are going to be two of them, but I have not set up any yet."

Do you ask the colleges who have not offered you where you stand when you talk to them? "For the most part, I have not asked that question. I am kind of confused where I stand right now with the schools who have not offered me. That is what I am going to be doing the next two weeks, clearing that issue up. I am going to see where I have a chance to get an offer so I can start narrowing down my options."

What are the Alabama schools saying to you? "When I talk to Alabama and Auburn, they say they want to see some more film from the first couple of games."

What about Ole Miss? "They said they need to get some film and sit down and watch it as a coaching staff. They said they are ready to get me an offer. They just need some film."

Have you sent their staff any film? "I have not yet, but I am going to do that as soon as possible."

And Tennessee? "I talked to them the first day they could call. Their offensive line coach came to our school and watched some film with one of my coaches."

What did your coach say? "I am not really sure. I need to talk to him. I think he said they were impressed."

Do you plan to attend any college games this fall? "I already went to the Auburn/Georgia Tech game. I am going to Tech in two weeks to see them play Connecticut. I am hoping to get up to a Duke game too."

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