Post Game Quotes: Duke v Virginia Tech

Coach Roof and other Blue Devils met the media after Saturday's loss

Head Coach Ted Roof
“Right now I thought some of the young players did some good things.  We just got beat in every phase of the game today. That is it.  They are a much better football team than we are.”

What was the defense doing that was so strong:
“They were beating us up front.  When we had a chance to make plays we didn’t make them.  It goes back to what we talked about -- being opportunistic.  When we have chances to make plays we have to make them.  We didn’t do that.  We didn’t protect well today and we did not get it done.”

On using Curt Dukes’ in the option and the success last week:
“We have to build on that -- continue to extend that package, expand it, and at the same time get better at the other things we are doing if we are going to have a chance to win.”

On Talley’s Interception:
“John made a great play on it.  That is what we need John to do because he is a good player.  We certainly need our good players to play well for us and he made a heck of a play on that.  I thought our defense hung in there a lot on a short field early in the game.  When we have chances to make plays, especially our more talented players, have to make those plays for us.  We all have to do a better job.”

On building the program and being patient:
“We all want it done yesterday and nobody wants it done any faster than I do.  You are right, some of our younger players are very talented.  It is tough to be a great player early in your career.  You have to learn the game.  I expect those guys to get better, I expect our older players to get better and I expect all of us coaches to get better as well.  So we are just going to go back to work and keep working because there is no magic pill, magic dust or you snap your fingers and the light comes on.  It is hard work and a process.  Of course I am disappointed about the outcome of this football game but this isn’t going to deter us from continuing to work and fighting hard to give our folks a win next week.”

Junior John Talley

On his interception:
“We were in a coverage where I had a read.  I got a good read and good break on the ball.  I was kind of late so I tried to get in front of him and get my hands on the ball.  It just feel in my hands.”

On Marcus Vick:
“He is a good quarterback.  We just wanted to keep him from getting around the edge and making plays and keep him inside to give us a chance.  He made a lot of good plays and I give him a lot of respect for that.”

On continuing to try to build the program in a better direction:
“We just have to go out and prepare harder.  When we show up we have to be ready to play.  We have to have the mentality that we are going to play hard.”

Virginia Tech Quotes

Head Coach Frank Beamer
“The win was good.  I didn’t think we were as efficient offensively, particularly in that second quarter, as we needed to be -- some dropped balls, a lack of execution.  I thought we came back in the third quarter and got some things done.  We got a chance to play most of our guys in the fourth quarter, which is good.  Get them some playing time and that will help us down the road.  All but a couple of minutes, or a couple of times there in the first half offensively, I’m pleased with the effort we had today.  We got a couple of returns going.  We actually return the ball better when we don’t have one actually set up ... It was good to get a win and go back home.”

“I think it’s a key for our football team right now to be able to run it and throw it, and we feel like we can, but we need to be able to do it consistently and that means catching the ball.”

On Marcus Vick:
“I thought the average deep ball today was pretty good.  Even the one that Josh Morgan didn’t catch, I thought was a pretty good throw.  I thought he had a chance to go up and get it.  And then the others, he hit the guys on a dead run.  I thought the deep ball was good.  I thought one time he could have pulled it down and probably ran it for 10 yards and he kept waiting for a guy to come open, I think. I believe that when he comes running, he’s such a threat whatever he does, whichever way he goes he’s going to be okay, but I think he needs to take off and run for 10 or 15 every once in a while and I’m not sure it wouldn’t turn into about 25 or 30.”

Senior Tight End Jeff King

On Marcus Vick:
“It doesn’t surprise us.  He’s been here all season and all spring.  We knew what we were getting in Marcus.  He’s a phenomenal player and he’s going to show that week in and week out.”

On his touchdown reception:
“It was just a corner route.  I don’t know how long it was.  It’s something that’s in the game plan every week and he just put it up there and I had to go get it.”

Senior Defensive End Darryl Tapp:
“Everyone’s stepped up this year.  Last year we had a great team and we lost some great players.  This year everyone’s taken it upon themselves to work that much harder everyday out there in practice because they never know when it might be their turn.”

Senior Defensive Tackle Jonathan Lewis:
“I think I’ve been playing for Virginia Tech for a long time and we started off with a bang.  But I think the key for us is to not even think about that, just think about Ohio.  All I can think about right now is Ohio.  I don’t even know who we play after Ohio.  Before this game, I had to ask somebody who we played after Duke.  So I think the key is just taken it one game at a time.  One step.  One route.  That’s the key -- doing everything right, the little things.”

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