Wright On Pace: Duke Impressed Brandan

Never one to seek the spotlight offered by the world of big time collegiate recruiting, Tennessee power forward Brandan Wright's visit to Duke last weekend produced a surprised lack of recruiting buzz considering the 6'9 lefthander is ranked as one of the five best prospects in the class of 2006. Despite the lack of publicity, Wright's time in Durham made a strong impression on both Wright and his family. However, he's sticking with his original plan.

"It was a very good trip for me and my family," said Brandan Wright of his weekend trip to Duke. "I had a chance to spend time with all the players, especially the young players they just brought in, since they would be the ones I'd play with. I also got to sit down with Coach K and his staff to talk about everything. They were very impressive. But I expected them to be. They're Duke."

The time spent with Duke's highly touted freshman class gave Wright a glimpse of what the future could be if he chooses to sign with the Blue Devils in November.

"They are a good group of players and I thought I fit in well with them. I could be comfortable with them if it came down to it."

Of course getting comfortable with Josh McRoberts, Greg Paulus, Jamal Boykin, Martynas Pocius, and Eric Boateng would hinge on Brandan's desire to stick around more than one season in college, something that many analysts believe is a long shot at best. Still, the prospect of McRoberts sticking around for more than a season with Wright at his side is appealing to many a Blue Devil fan.

"They talked about that a little bit," said Wright. "We could be pretty good together if he was there and I decided to go there. We complement each other very well.."

One thing Wright and his family were pleased to expand on was their relationship with Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

"I already knew that he was probably the best coach in the game, but he and I had a chance to talk about things off the court as well. He really cares about his players and is a great leader. We talked about how important school is and how I can develop on and off the court."

Despite the high praise of the Duke visit, there is no reason to think Wright won't stick to his original plan of taking all five official visits to gather all the information he needs before making his decision. He'll make the trip to hometown Vanderbilt this weekend, and then head to Louisville on 30th. His official visits will wrap up when he visits North Carolina on October 14th.

And though he maintains the mantra of every program being "even" in his mind, Wright does admit that Duke made a strong impression, as did Kentucky a week ago.

"Duke was a comfortable size and atmosphere for me. It'll be in the back of my mind."

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