Quotes: Duke vs. Navy

Quotes from Duke's 28-21 loss against Navy on Saturday

Head Coach Ted Roof
“These kids were really resilient.  I thought we played extremely hard.  We have to be able to finish the deal.  We were in position to make some plays and we have to make those plays.  This was a gut-wencher -- the way the kids fought back and the way it turned out.”

On making the comeback with Justin Boyle and Jomar Wright out with injuries:
“We did have some depth there fortunately.  Re’quan [Boyette] did some good things and then he got nicked up after Justin [Boyle], but I thought Justin was ready to have a big day then got nicked up.  Cedric [Dargan] got nicked up. Then, Jomar [Wright] is a big-play receiver right now and losing him was certainly a blow to us.  With all that being said, all of our kids stepped up and fought through some things.  We have to be able to sustain.  That is the key thing for us.  So when we go through peaks and valleys like every other team, we don’t bottom out in the valleys.  For a period of time there in third quarter, we were struggling a little bit.”

On big plays on third and fourth downs:
“I thought we did a good job of taking care of the football and controlling the football.  That is the from of success against option teams.  If you let them keep it they will grind you up.  Some young players made some big plays for us.  One more play...we have to find a way to make one more play, coach one more play and do something to get us over the hump.  We are going to keep working.  I am proud of these kids, I am proud of the way they fought -- not happy with the outcome -- but proud of my football team and we are going to keep working.”

Going with Mike Schneider for the last drive at quarterback:
“Mike feels very confident in the two-minute deal because he has done it before.  I thought Zack played really well today and did some good things.  That just tells you about Mike Schneider, tells you about his attitude.  It would have been easy for him to sulk and pout this week but he didn’t.  He kept his mind in the game and was ready to perform whenever we called on him.  The thing that is not going to show up in the stats is instead of him throwing an interception or having a fumble, he pulled it down and slid to get us back into field goal range. So that we could get three points on the board which enabled us to tie it up at the end. I am proud of Mike and proud of Zack.  There is no other way to say it, we have to keep going and keep our heads up.  There is a lot of football left. These kids are to good of kids and to good of competitors to do anything to except fight on and build this program.”

Freshman Quarterback Zack Asack
“Our team just stepped up and gutted this game out, we were poised the whole game and the line gave me plenty of time to throw and room for the running backs to run.  You couldn’t ask for anymore.  We lost but we did our best.”

On leading the drive to get game tied up at the end:
?As a quarterback, I have to stay poised and just keep the team going and finish drives.  We had been doing that the whole game.  All the guys knew we could do it and we went in there and scored and tied up the game.”

On touchdown and two-point conversion:
“For the touchdown we had a regular pass play and nobody was open.  I was running well all day and when I got to the corner it was open and got to the endzone as fast as I could.  For the two-point, we had great receivers on both sides and I went to Eron who can jump like the devil and I wanted to get it to the corner of the endzone so he could make a play and he did.”

Junior John Talley:
“It hurts me even worst when you go out there and give everything you have and still come up short.  We just have to continue to work harder and get over that hump.  Maybe we can pull it out next time.”

On his interception:
“It is a certain read we have to make and we rolled to a cover two.  We just rolled to the cover two.  I felt like the quarterback threw it late. I got a good break on it and ended up catching it and went down the sidelines.”

Big plays that Navy had:
“We just had a few lapses and a couple of them were cutbacks.  One of them was a handoff  to a fullback and we had a lapse.  That is something we have to get over, not having lapses in the game.”

On getting the fumble late:
“I think that was a big play in the game, it gave our offense some momentum.  That is what helped us in the fourth quarter.  That turnover gave us some momentum to go out the next time to get a stop and give our offense another change.”

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