Devils In Top Three For Geralds

It's clear that the top priority for the class of 2006 is offensive lineman, with a secondary need being to shore up the defensive line. One of the more talented prospects on the board has the Blue Devils in his top three as he heads down the home stretch of the recruiting process.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Daverin Geralds:

How is your season going?

"It has been going pretty good. We lost our first game Friday against Terry, but other than that, we have been playing pretty good. We are 2-1 right now."

How have you performed on the field personally this season?

"I am doing fine. I have been going both ways instead of just offense. It has been king of tiring, but I am playing good. Friday I had 6 tackles. I came out of the game in the 3rd quarter because I had cramps in both of my legs. I woke up the next day, and I could barely move. I have never been sore like that."

Tell us about your other two games?

"We played Baker our first game. I only played offense against them. I had 4 pancakes in that game. Against Clinton, I had 8 pancakes and 8 tackles. It was probably my best game."

What most have you improved on this year?

"This year, I would have to say my speed. I think I am moving a little faster off of the ball."

Are you still being recruited for offensive line?

"The only school that is interested in me for defense is N' Western. Stanford, Duke, Ole Miss, and LSU still like me for offensive guard."

Which colleges have kept in phone contact with you this month?

"Duke, Ole Miss, Stanford, and Tennessee. La Tech has been contacting my coach."

Your most recent scholarship offer?

"Stanford offered me in August."

Who would you say is coming after you the hardest?

"I would have to say Ole Miss. They send me a lot of hand written letters from all of their coaches. They make sure they call me at least once a week. I have talked to just about all of their coaches; their offensive line coach, their running back coach, their head coach, just about everyone. They are all real pumped up every time I talk to them."

Have you begun to set up your official visits?

"I plan on doing that this month."

Which schools will you most likely visit?

"For sure, Stanford, Duke, and Ole Miss. They will be my first three visits. I do not know who the other two are going to be yet."

What do you like about Stanford?

"Their location and how well they are known for their academics."

What do you like about Stanford's location?

"The area it is in. I would not mind staying out there for a few years."

What are Duke's positives?

"I like their academic programs. I also like their coaches. They are really good guys."

What will be the number one factor for you when it comes decision time?

"I will look at their academics. They will have to have an excellent Medical Engineering program. That is what I want to major in."

Note: Daverin carries a 4.6 GPA and a 22 on the ACT.

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