Duke Adds Big Time Linebacking Prospect

Vincent Rey is a big linebacker for Mercersburg Prep in Pennsylvania. At 6-1 and 260 pounds Rey seems like the type to maybe make a move to the defensive line, but Head Coach Dan Walker says that's not the case.

"I really don't anticipate him making that move," said Walker. "When you see him play, you don't see a guy that runs like a defensive lineman. If anything, you see a guy that runs like a defensive back. We were 1-8 last year, and we're 7-0 right now, and Vincent Rey is a big reason why."

Duke has elevated its level of recruiting this year in a big way, and Rey is another big, fast athlete to be added to the Class of 2006.

"Duke was a perfect combination of an athletic challenge and academic challenge. He feels the ACC gives him the chance to play at the highest level, and he's serious about his studies. He's taking AP Classes right now and is extremely bright. He's at the top of his class."

"Just wait until the kid gets his film out. People will be really impressed with him. We play in the same conference as Myron Rolle, and this kid is likely going to be the conference player of the year with what he's done on the field. He's going to be very good in the ACC."

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