Quotes: Duke vs. FSU

Head coach Ted Roof and freshman RB Requan Boyette met the media on Saturday in the post game news conference.

Head Coach Ted Roof

"I thought it was a good fight. I thought we fought to the bitter end. I thought they played extremely hard. We have to finish some plays that is going to obviously impact the football game. We missed too many tackles but part of that has to do with Florida State. But overall I think there was a lot to build on. I thought our return game was good. There are lot of positive things and there are some negative things we have to obviously correct. Of course, I am not happy with the loss. I thought as we worked ourselves back into the game in the third quarter-- It was our plan to win the third quarter and to get the ball game into the fourth quarter. We went for a period of time where- boom, boom-- we gave up a couple of big plays and that was it."

On trying the fake punt in the second half:

"The reason for that was we were struggling a little bit on defense. If you know it was going to work it is one thing but that is why they called them fakes. I didn't make a very good decision to help our football team there, but I was trying to make an aggressive decision. All week long I had preached to our kids that they needed to play to win because we were going to coach to win. We were looking for a spark there because we were reeling a little bit and decided to roll the dice a little bit. We didn't make it."

On the young players making strides:

"I think that we did. You know when you look at the final scoreboard you might not see that. If you watched the game and you felt the game, our guys made some strides today. Like I said, I am not happy and I am not satisfied with the loss, but we are going to go back to work and correct the mistakes, accentuate the positives and build off those. From an injury standpoint, it was a pretty costly football game. We have a lot of guys that are bumped up. Our trainer, Hap Zarzour and Dr. T. Moorman-- they do a great job and they are going to have to do a great job during the week because we have a lot guys with them, way to many."

Freshman Requan Boyette

On the big run in the second half:

"It was a play that was a fake reverse to Ronnie [Drummer]. I give thanks to Ronnie because he had like 10 guys went with him. I saw the hole, the line and receivers did a great job blocking and I saw the hole and just hit it."

On the team speed of Duke:

"We have a lot of speed on this team. We have a lot of great players on this team, not just with speed. The line did a great job blocking, the receivers did a great job blocking and catching the ball. Zack [Asack] did a great job handing the ball off, running the team and throwing the ball. It was an overall great game but unluckily we didn't get the win. We have next week to change all that."

How does it feel as a class to be contributing so much:

"It feels great. We came in during the summer. We all had in our mind we wanted to change this program. A lot of other guys have come through this program. A lot of other recruiting classes have come through saying they want to change it-- not knocking anything they have said. I feel we are very dedicated to changing this program. We came in, work hard and stick together. That is the main part. Without your teammates you really cannot do anything. We try to stick together and blend in with the rest of the upper classmen when we do different things. Learn on the run, that is basically all it is."

Freshman class raised the bar a little bit today:

"Against Florida State you either raise the bar or drop it. We knew we had to come in and play a great game in order to beat this team. Unluckily, we didn't beat them but we played a marvelous game which gives us a lot of confidence for next week and the next three weeks to come. We are looking to win three straight games coming up with the way we played against Florida State I feel like it has given us a lot of confidence which is all we need."

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