Quotes: Duke vs. Wake Forest

Ted Roof and other Blue Devils spoke to the media following Saturday's loss

Duke Quotes

Head Coach Ted Roof
“It is not what we had prepared for.  I am certainly very disappointed.  It is very disappointing.  There were some opportunities there.  I thought we had to stay in the game and make it a better game. We didn’t capitalize there and take advantage on the chances.  We didn’t tackle very well.  The outcome was the outcome.  I am very disappointed.”

Zack Asack’s pass to Elliott just missing a completion:
“The game didn’t hinge on that one play.  Zack [Asack] made a great play to maneuver in the pocket, escape and throw a strike to Ronnie.  At the same time, like I said, it is not one play, but certainly we have to take full advantage of our opportunities.  Make the plays we are supposed to make.  In that particular instance we didn’t.  Ronnie Elliott has made a lot of plays for us.  Everyone who played and coached today made mistakes.  It is not trying to hang it on one individual, one play or one situation.  We all have to look at ourselves and evaluate what we did well and what we didn’t.  We have to keep working to improve. That is the only answer I know.”

On WFU Running Back Chris Barclay:
“He did a good job and is a good back.  He has made a lot of yards against a lot of people.  Unfortunately, he made too many against us today.  Some of that was his doing and some was ours.  He is a fine football player and has a great career there.  I am glad he is gone.”

On Wide Receiver Eron Riley Touchdown Reception:
“It was third and 19.  Zack [Asack] stepped up and sent a perfect strike to him.  Eron fought for the ball, which he is supposed to do.  He has the knack for that.  He is very competitive and has made some big plays for us this year.  He will make a lot more big plays in his career before he is done.  He will do nothing but get better and better and better.  We are certainly going to try to get him the ball.”

Freshman Wide Receiver Eron Riley

On the touchdown pass play:
“It was the route that we were working on the whole week in practice.  It is one that at first I wasn’t running that great, but I did a pretty good job of it today.  Zack [Asack] threw the ball up kind of high since there was a short cornerback on me, so I could jump up and go get the ball, which I do pretty well.   I jumped up and got it and went into the endzone.  I am happy about that.”

On plays they throw the ball up high for you:
“That was pretty much what I was being recruited for, being this tall.  I am not the biggest guy, but I am pretty tall.  When he throws it up, most cornerbacks are 5-9, 5-10 -- not that tall.  I am 6-4, so it helps me as they throw it up high and I can jump up and get it, where they cannot jump up with me.  I just bring it into my body and get it tight.”

Disappointing loss after the impressive plays last week:
“We thought coming in we could do a pretty good job, not necessarily hang, but win the game. It got kind of ugly fast.  We have to come back to practice on Sunday and Monday to get prepared for Clemson.”

On seniors playing last home game; have two games left and hopefully good things will happen:
“These next two games, we want to win these for the team and the seniors.  They haven’t had a winning season lately that I know of.  So we are going to go out these next two weeks and hopefully will come away with victories and work hard for them.”

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