Quotes: Duke v. Concordia

Coach K, Lee Melchionni, and Sean Dockery met the media after the game

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statements
"I was really happy with the crowd tonight. The students were great and to have that kind of atmosphere for an exhibition game was fantastic. That kind of crowd really helps our young guys because part of this is getting them acclimated to playing at this level. I thought they were a little bit nervous in the first half. I thought we functioned a lot better offensively in the second half because we were making passes. I thought our effort was good. We need to learn some of the little nuances of our game. Four or five times we got offensive rebounds and powered them up in traffic and got it stripped when we had two three-point shooters waiting to shoot the ball. Those are just signature plays for us. I think overall it was a good night. Our guys were ready, they played hard the whole game and we got over some of the nervousness of being young."

On Ball Movement In Second Half
"In the second half, especially in the first ten minutes, you didn't know who scored, you just knew we scored. In the first half, you knew who scored. There were more quick shots in the first half. In the second half, we moved the ball around and everyone got to touch the ball."

On Sophomore DeMarcus Nelson
"DeMarcus played really well tonight. He is a good player. He did a nice job for us last year but he's a veteran player right now."

On Duke's Tough Play
"There is an enthusiasm when you have young guys. All of our freshmen are good kids and they want to play hard. If we can keep our veterans fresh during the game, they will be able to hit shots late in each half. We will be able to play tough defense throughout the ballgame."

On Freshman Greg Paulus "He felt more comfortable in the second half. I brought him over at one point in the second half and before I said anything, he told me he felt more comfortable. Playing here gives you a rush. That's why I think the students being so vocal was good for us tonight. I hope we get that again next week. The freshmen need that atmosphere more than the upperclassmen. There was just a great atmosphere in here tonight."

Senior Forward Lee Melchionni
"You saw what we're capable of, especially on the defensive end. It all starts on the defensive end for us, and that creates our offense. I think we can be one of the best shooting teams in the country, and we've got the best post player in the country, so it's a good start for us."

"I think I established myself a little bit last year, and I'm not trying to prove anything this year. I know what I can do, I'm confident out there, and that makes it a lot easier to take shots and hit shots"

On Jamal Boykin:
"He's very, very emotional. And I like that because he's reminds me a little bit of myself, and I like playing with another guy like that. He brings a lot of fire and emotion, and it's the freshmen's first game, and it's good to see him playing like that with reckless abandon."

Freshman Forward Josh McRoberts
"I think Shelden [Williams] and I work inside well together. I think that we'll try to play off each other. With both of us being able to go high and both of us being able to go low, I think that helps our team."

On Shelden Williams' perimeter skills:
"Obviously he has the skills to play out there. I think that people won't expect him to have the kind of outside game that he does, and we can play off of that because he does have a good outside game. I think out there we're just trying to get the best shots that we can, and right now, a three-pointer from Shelden in the flow of the offense is a good shot."

Senior Guard Sean Dockery

"I think we played pretty good once everybody got the jitters out. It was good to get to play against somebody else. We've got a lot to work on, but we had fun just playing against another team. [We were working on] just sharing the ball a little bit more...just moving the ball around, get each other going, and be a team out there."

On the play of the freshmen: "They did good today. I know they were nervous, but they played to their potential. They came out there and gave their energy and just had fun."

"We have to improve on defense a little bit. You always have to improve on that to be a great team."

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