Vince O A No-Show in 2005

After suffering an injury in spring practice, many expected the Blue Devils to have the services of freshman defensive tackle Vince Oghobaase throughout the 2005 season. However, heading into the final week of the season the biggest recruit in Duke history has yet to play a down. TDD explores why.

"We made the decision to take it easy with Vince," said head coach Ted Roof. "I wasn't going to risk him getting re-injured or worse losing his career by rushing him back too early."

Many Duke fans assumed Vince Oghobaase would be on the field after it was announced that the 6-foot-6, 320 pound Texan had undergone minor surgery during the spring. However, the whole story had yet to unfold.

"The first prognosis was optimistic, but they had to go in a second time clean some things up," said Roof. "No one wants him on the field more than me, but we're not going to rush anyone to play before they are ready."

And Oghobaase won't be ready in 2005, but is looking forward to next season when he hits the field in Spring practice – something that can't come soon enough for Roof.

"We've never had anyone like him at. He's going to be a very special player for us."

Oghobaase will have four remaining years of eligibility remaining beginning next season.

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