Previewing The Future Blue Devils

While Duke fans await the decision of Lance Thomas, the nation's No. 19 overall prospect, TDD reviews the three current commitments which account for the nation's ninth best class to date.

Name: Jon Scheyer
Vitals: 6'6 180lbs
Hometown: Northbrook, IL
Position:  SG
Ranking:  No. 7 SG, No. 35 Overall,

Quotable:  I just felt in my heart that I wanted to go to Duke.  I love history and tradition and what better place to go that Duke for that. Coach K (Krzyzewski) has been through almost every possible situation. He's an unbelievable coach, I have a great relationship with the coaching staff and I love the players." -- Jon Scheyer

``He's a special player, and he's a special kid off the court. He's easy to coach and the game comes so easy to him. He's two or three plays ahead of everyone else on the court. He's just got an uncanny feel for the game."   -- Illinois Warriors coach Larry Butler Player Evaluation:

 3-Point Range
 Big-Game Player
 Shooting off the Dribble
 Ability to Create


Name: Gerald Henderson
Vitals: 6'5 205lbs
Hometown: Merion, PA
Position:  SG/SF
Ranking:  No. 3 SG, No. 18 Overall,

Quotable:  "Coach K said a lot when I told him. He can really talk. Coach said that he thinks I'm a great player now. He thinks I can be one of the best to come out of Duke. Coming from him that means a lot." -- Gerald Henderson

Gerald Henderson - - [Free Download of Media Player 10] Player Evaluation:

 Perimeter Shot
 Shooting off the Dribble

Telep's Take: The son of a former NBA player works hard and loves to play. Strong, athletic body and he'll use it. Strength of his game is playing in attack mode and taking it to the rim. Working on his perimeter shot and that will be useful in college. Excellent rebounder; takes pride in playing hard.

Excellent mid-range shooter who extends high with his shot. Will get to the rim and finish. Needs to strengthen his long-range game. Highest level high-major prospect.

Name: Brian Zoubek
Vitals: 7'1 270lbs
Hometown: Haddonfield, NJ
Position:  C
Ranking:  No. 7 C, No. 45 Overall,

Quotable:  "It's pretty much been my dream to go to Duke my whole life." -- Brian Zoubek

"I think my relationship with Duke started my sophomore year," Zoubek said. "It was shaky between us. They and I didn't really know if I could play at Duke. I went through stages and put in a lot of work. Now, I'm at the place where I know I could play there and the coaches do too."  -- Brian Zoubek

Brian Zoubek - HoopTV.NET - [Free Download of Media Player 10] Player Evaluation:

 Low Block Scorer
 Size for Position
 Defensive Presence

Telep's Take:  A strong junior season culminated with a state championship. Has always been a solid fundamental player with good footwork. Bread is butter on the low blocks where he's crafty. To take his game to the next level, he'll need to improve his quickness inside add some athleticism around the basket.

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