UConn Women Coming To Cameron

There's a huge game in Durham next season involving two of the biggest powers in basketball. Women's basketball that is: UConn will be playing in Cameron.

Normally, we leave all the women's stories for Rob, because he has an unsurpassed passion for Duke women's basketball. There are times when we make exceptions to that, though, mosty for really big stories, and this is one of those times: UConn is coming to Cameron next year. Coach Goestenkors is very excited about the game, needless to say, and is hoping for a sellout. Damn straight! What we'd love to see is the gym packed full and the UConn women run into the Cameron buzzsaw. In other good news, she says that while Vandy and Ohio State approached her about their vacancies, she sees Duke as her "dream job" and isn't going anywhere.

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