Okpokowuruk: "Duke Is Special"

Ifreke Okpokowuruk of the McCallie School in Tennessee made a commitment to the Duke Blue Devils yesterday. He talks about making his commitment.

"I had a good connection with the coaches up there," said Okpokowuruk. "Plus my brother is up there. I have a good connection with Coach Brown the defensive line coach. I felt like it would be right for me to go up there and play for him. I went to Duke this summer to work with him. I don't know the schemes or anything yet, but I'm just going to rely on my work ethic and hope it takes me through."

It's more than just football that helped lead Okpokowuruk to Durham.

"Duke is a real respected school. If I'm not able to continue my football career, I know I don't have to worry about my options with a degree from Duke."

Okpokowuruk said he is currently weighing 270 pounds and is looking forward to playing defensive tackle for the Blue Devils.

"I'm definitely going to work hard to bring that big play game. When the team needs a stop, I'm looking forward to doing my thing."

Okpokowuruk is looking forward to teaming back up with his brother, Ayanga.

"I think we can do something special at Duke."

Okpokowuruk will be visiting Duke unofficially for the Blue Devils' game against the Tar Heels, and he will visit Durham officially the weekend of December 2nd.

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