Quotes: Duke vs. Seton Hall

Coach K, J.J. Redick, DeMarcus Nelson, and Greg Paulus met the media.

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"Obviously we played really well tonight. Our intensity to begin the ballgame lasted throughout the game. Every kid that played, played well. We really shared the ball well offensively. We only had six assists on Monday and tonight we had over 20. We shot a great percentage as a result of taking great shots. I thought (Greg) Paulus and (Josh) McRoberts, for their first start in a regular season game, those two kids played really well and with poise. I think (Eric) Boateng was excellent. He didn't get a chance to play on Monday. It was more of a game away from the basket so we played more perimeter guys. For him to have that type of attitude and play and have a presence with Shelden (Williams) in foul trouble was excellent. I thought DeMarcus (Nelson) really responded well. Obviously he didn't play real well on Monday, but he played exceptional tonight. It was just a really good team effort. I was very pleased with the effort and excecution tonight."

On fun aspect
"I can expect a lot in my life, but if I don't work for it then I am not going to get it. Expectations without work are a fool's gold. If we create an atmosphere around here where we just expect and not work then we won't get anything. I just think we need to play hard and keep developing. It is a long season, it is only November 16. This was an excellent game for us but we have a long way to go. We can't expect to be there, we have to work to be there and be worthy of being there, wherever there is. That comes with doing the work along the way, not by sitting around thinking that you are real good."

On what Duke did defensively that bothered Seton Hall
"It wasn't just that there weren't any open shots, there weren't any open passes. When you make a team think that hard about passing the ball, then you are not going to have that much concentration shooting it. They had a hard time running plays because if you can't make any passes. Our defensive pressure was really good and disciplined. One of the key stats of the game was our defensive perimeter rebounding. Of our rebounds, 20 of the 33 defensive rebounds were from perimeter players. When that happens then that's outstanding. That is a key stat for us. If we are playing good defense then we are getting defensive rebounds from our perimeter players. We then don't care who starts our break, we get more breaks because any of those players can bring it up. It lends itself to good offense after good defense."

On Dockery and Paulus playing together
"Whether they start together or not I want to show that they are going to play together. One has to play off the ball defensively and one has to play on the ball. They can even alternate while they are out there. I think Sean (Dockery) is more adapt to playing off the ball but Greg has to learn that because they are going to be in there together. I might want to put DeMarcus on the ball. Those are some things I tried to look at today. For the most part it was good. In the second half, sometimes we didn't talk about our switches. When J.J. (Redick) and DeMarcus are doing it, it is really beautiful to watch. When our team can do that then we are playing at a high level."

On DeMarcus Nelson
"We think he can be a very athletic and strong player. He was that tonight. That is who he has to become for us to climb the ladder a little bit with who we are as a team. I think he is a key guy for us."

Senior J.J. Redick

On perimeter defense
"I think our perimeter did a great job of rebounding, especially in the first half. Shelden [Williams] was out with foul trouble, and we really limited their opportunities."

On winning big
"I've been in games like this with past teams, but for this team it was special because it's the first time we've done that. But again, it's only our second game of the season, and we're not going to take too much away from this game. But we are going to set this as a benchmark and say, ‘Hey, this is how we play together.'"

On the upcoming third round game in Madison Square Garden
"It's always special to play in the Garden, and we're really excited about that. We hope that there'll be a good crowd up there, and we're going to play a tough team in the first round. I don't know who it is - maybe it's Sam Houston State, maybe it's Drexel - and there are going to be two other teams in the other bracket. This is our first chance to play for a championship with this year's team, so we're awfully excited about it."

Sophomore DeMarcus Nelson

On his highlight dunk
"I knew [Sean Dockery] was going to throw me the pass. That's something that we work on a lot. Actually we kind of kidded about it before the game, but we definitely knew it was going to happen [eventually]. He threw it up and he was fully confident in my jumping ability. He threw it up really high where the guy couldn't get it, and I was able to finish it strong. It was a great play."

On defense
"Our defense was great tonight. Our defense was good against Boston University too, but we just came out tonight and wanted to focus on ourselves. There were a lot of things that we thought we could've done better in the last game that we wanted to focus on tonight, so we came out here with an extra edge, an extra chip on our shoulder. We played as hard as we could."

On what they can improve on
"Every team has weaknesses. We're not invincible, and we understand that and our coaching staff understands that. But one thing that we can do is come out and play hard every single day and maybe hide some of those weaknesses. If we come out, we play hard, play together, and play Duke basketball then maybe some of those weaknesses might not be as noticeable and we can continue to be successful."

On conditioning
"I think our strength and conditioning this summer really did a great job. Our conditioning coaches did a great job with our team and myself particularly. I got a lot stronger, a lot faster, and my endurance increased. I don't know if you noticed or not, but our team tonight was really in great shape, and some of their players were bent over and tired. And that was just coming from a long preseason."

Freshman Greg Paulus:

On the guards rebounding
"Shelden [Williams] got into some foul trouble early, and what we wanted to do as a team was to pick him up, and that meant everybody helping on the rebounding side, getting to the basket a little bit more, and just trying to be a little more aggressive. There are going to be times during the season when guys get into foul trouble or maybe unfortunately somebody gets hurt, and we all have to be a team and help each other out, and that's what we did tonight."

On coaching
"We believe in Coach, we believe in the coaching staff and everything that they're trying to teach us, and I think that if we do what they tell us to then we'll be ok. It's why you come to Duke. The Duke culture is planning on being your best everyday, and you know if you're going to come here, you know you're going to work and you know you're going to get better. I know that's one of the reasons that I came here."

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