Quotes: Duke v. Davidson

Coach K, J.J. Redick, Shelden Williams, and Lee Melchionni spoke to the media after the game.

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"We beat a really good team today. They are very good. We played well today. Defensively, to give up only one three against that team and 55 points, this whole week we have played outstanding defense. We had to today in order to win. I am shocked at the margin of victory because it just seemed like it was a two possession game the whole game. I think the reason for that is their attitude."

"They have such a good winning attitude. Out of their top six players they have five seniors who have won a lot of games, the conference player of the year (Brendan Winters) who everyone in our league wouldn't mind having and a really good scorer inside. They are good. For us to win we played well today. We had to play well or we would be in trouble. There are some teams who are going to be in real big trouble against this team. They are in great shape. I think they tried to wear us down but I am proud of our guys because this is our third game in six days. Our concentration was excellent."

"We are going to New York. J.J. (Redick) and Shelden (Williams) were terrific. Shelden almost gets a triple-double. I am really proud of him. He got an early foul in the first 20 seconds, he has been in foul trouble and he had the discipline to still block nine shots and stay out of foul trouble. He was all over the court defensively. J.J. was outstanding, not just offensively but defensively. To see Lee start putting shot in, this week his shot went to Florida for vacation and we needed it to come back. The guys on the perimeter didn't score a lot of points but they played defense. We got out of the week healthy and we are better. Now we are going to go up to New York and play two fast-paced games up there."

On early diagnosis of season
"The game against Seton Hall we just exploded and it became not a game against a team that was big. The two other teams are really well schooled in a continuation type of a offense. You have to have great concentration throughout the exchange in order to stop it. That is the thing I am most pleased about. They are very challenging offenses to defend. In both cases we didn't get to scout them because they hadn't played. I am pleased with how our guys adjusted on the run defensively. That says a lot for our seniors because they have been through a lot."

"The NIT is a brand. If you are a basketball person, the NIT means something really good. It means basketball people. Whether it be the preseason or the postseason, it means you have the chance to play in the garden. I know as a player there wasn't a preseason NIT. There was a NIT. Playing in the Garden was something every player wanted to do. I don't think that has changed. Even how you hear the ball bounce there, the public address system, you could do a good "Field of Dreams" type of thing there with all of the great action. The NCAA got a treasure. It will always be a significant event. I hope they keep it in the Garden, at least the final four."

On the freshmen blending in with upperclassmen
"The older guys are carrying the younger guys, there is no doubt about that. When we have breakdowns it is usually a younger guy but that is to be expected. They are trying like crazy. It is good for them that they haven't been in game-breaking situations. They can make some mistakes while you are learning. I have seen J.J. and Shelden go up to the guys in the huddle and tell the guys before I have a chance to what they are supposed to be doing. We will get better as our freshmen get better."

Senior J.J. Redick

"They've got a great perimeter, and it's an experienced group of guys. They've got four seniors out on the perimeter, and [Brendan] Winters is the Player of the Year in their conference. That was just a thing we wanted to do - take away their perimeter."

"Especially in transition, we wanted to get back and take away their threes and we did. We had great communication when we were coming back. Even after a made basket they like to push the ball, and we were pointing and talking, which is something we talk about a lot."

On his offensive performance tonight
"I just had an aggressive mindset. We ran some good stuff for me today, and I made some moves off the dribble, and then there were some times when my teammates found me open for threes. Overall, it was a good offensive day for me."

On his and Shelden Williams' combined offensive output
"It's kind of a thing that we have to do every game. Shelden and I have to come up and play big every game and we know that. That's our role, and if we can get one or two other guys to help out with scoring and have everybody playing defense, rebounding, and doing the little things, then we're going to be in a position to win a lot of ball games."

Senior Shelden Williams

"[Blocking shots] is something I've been doing my whole college career. I've been labeled as the shot blocker, and that's one of the things that I've become good at doing. People who play against Duke know that I'm going to be there to be the last line of defense. I'm going to try to either alter the shot or block the shot, making it hard for them to get any easy looks."

"We have a lot of weapons on the team, and for most of the season, we're going to rely on the top two guys, me and J.J. [Redick]. But we know if we're not having a good night, we can always rely on our other players to help us out on the offensive end of the court."

"We knew, especially from last year, when we get up on [Davidson], they have a tendancy to come back and that was one of the things that we had to overcome. We see a big lead and we kind of get into a relaxed mode, and that's a big thing we need to overcome. Coach [Mike Kryzewski] stressed that point throughout the whole game - they're a team that's going to fight hard for 40 minutes. They're a good team, a confident team, and they're going to come out and play every play and not worry about the score until the end of the game."

Senior Lee Melchionni

"I think you can look back to last year's Davidson game when we were up 20 points at the same [under] 16 minute timeout mark, and we let them come back to within four. And this year's team, we extended the lead, really took it to them, and just gave them no hope of a comeback. So I think that this team is progressing, and we're really starting to make strides. Hopefully we can just continue to play at that high level."

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