Thank You Readers

At some point on Thursday all of our users will have a chance to sit down and reflect on what they are thankful for. Here at we're already well aware of what we're grateful for in 2005 – our users and our subscribers. So from now until Sunday night we're saying thank you to each and every one of you.

As we continue to make a home here on the network, we've gotten to know several wonderful personalities – especially on the message boards (both premium and free). In order to thank you all for spending your days on our site we're opening up our premium content to everyone – free of charge – until Sunday.

If you've always wondered what a subscription gets you at TDD then this weekend is tailor-made for you. Check out the story archive. Get to know the future Blue Devils of the gridiron and hardwood with exclusive content. As our longtime subscribers will tell you, there's no better source of information on Duke Athletics available on the ‘net.

The only things not covered in this free premium holiday weekend are the video and audio, and our premium board and chats – unless you decide to join the hundreds of Duke fans who subscribe on an monthly or annual basis.

Thank you again to all of you and Happy Thanksgiving.

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