Quotes: Coach K On Duke-IU

Mike Krzyzewski met the media after Duke's big win in Bloomington

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening statement:
"What a great game. The atmosphere was amazing. I want to congratulate the Indiana fans. I remember 30 something years ago, and it seems as though the place hasn't changed. When Indiana went ahead, it was about as loud as any place outside of Cameron [Indoor Stadium] that I have been in."

On Duke's defensive plan going into the game:
"Our plan was to take away their three point shots. They had been averaging 14 makes per game, which translates into 42 points and tonight we only gave up two. Once [Indiana] starts hitting shots, those kids get on a collective roll, where anybody can hit from the outside. However, we need to work on our inside defense because Marco [Killingsworth] was terrific tonight. He is a great player."

On what the team can take away from a game like this:
"You get unbelievable experience playing a road game like this. You cannot simulate this atmosphere in practice, so you grow up a lot in a game like this. Then you simply see how you grow up [in the games to come]. I love what Paulus did tonight. In this atmosphere, that pressure, him being a freshman and this being our first road game of the year, he played very well. With J.J. [Redick], he has a will to win that you cannot teach."

Closing Remarks:
"Thank you for everything. It was an honor for us to be here. Nobody outside of Indiana thinks higher of this school than myself. I spent a year of my life here and got my coaching career started here under one of the greatest coaches of all time. I will be forever indebted to [Indiana] and to [Bobby Knight] for giving me that opportunity."

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