Batch Liked Duke; Sticking With Tech

Baron Batch visited Duke over the weekend, but says Texas Tech is where he's sticking for now.

"I had a good time at Duke over the weekend," said four star tailback Baron Batch. "The visit went really well and I learned a lot. I got to meet the coaches and tour the campus. It was really good to see."

Despite the glowing reviews the Texas Tech commit says if tomorrow was signing day he'd be faxing his national letter of intenet into the Red Raiders coaching staff.

"Right now I'm looking around to see what other colleges have to offer. Duke had asked me to come up and see things, so I did. It's good to have something to compare Tech to. Right now Tech is my number one school, though."

And how did Duke compare?

"Duke is certainly prettier than Tech. They don't have a great football team, but they will soon. They have a lot of really talented freshmen, and once they are there for a bit they'll be pretty good. Duke is also a much harder school, but that's not that big of a deal. They also run a completely different offense from Tech."

And while some schools would be high pressure with a prospect who was already committed elsewhere, that's not the Duke style according to Baron.

"They didn't pressure me at all. In fact they were really cool about it. They just wanted me to have a chance to see everything on campus and learn about Duke football and where they want it to go. I appreciated that and really liked that approach."

Batch, who is considered as the No. 33 overall running back in the country according to Scout, says he'll continue to look around and will consider all he's seen.

"That's my plan right now, but if I had to clarify I'd say I'm likely to stick with Tech."

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