Devils Offer Tampa WR

As signing day gets closer and closer the Duke recruiting radar has seen a few new blips appear. One of those is a talented receiver, hailing from the Tampa area. On Thursday night TDD caught up with Darrell Stevens to discuss his recruiting process and more.

"I've got offers from Kentucky, Iowa State, Duke, UAB, and South Florida," says Tampa Robinson standout receiver Darrell Stevens. "My top three are Kentucky, Duke, and Iowa State."

Stevens, a 6-foot 170 pounder with 4.5 speed in the forty, has spent the last few years producing for the Knights to the tune of back to back 40 catch, 800 yard seasons in which he totaled 12 touchdown receptions, earning second team All-Area honors from the Tampa Tribune.

That production lead to more and more interest from college recruiters before the offers began rolling in over the course of the summer. Now, with his list seemingly narrowed to three, Stevens says he's ready to take the next step.

"Right now I think my strengths as a player will translate to the next level. I have really good hands and I run precise routes. I pride myself on being able to block and make plays. If you can do the fundamental things well, the rest will take care of itself. That's what I do."

So far Stevens has visited Kentucky, and is leaving for Iowa State today. He will visit Duke on January 13th and then it'll be time for him to make a decision.

"Right now I'd have to say Kentucky is leading because it's the only place I've been. I really liked it there. Both for football and the whole life outside football. I'm going to Iowa this weekend and I don't know what to expect. I've heard it's pretty flat and there isn't a lot out there. Maybe that's true, but I need to see for myself."

And what about Duke?

"I've heard Duke is a really beautiful campus, but I've never really seen it. I'm going there on the 13th of January and hope it'll turn out to be what I hope it is. Duke, more than any team on my list, plays their young kids really early. Last year they played a lot of freshmen and they are probably going to have to do the same thing this year. It all depends on how fast I would be able to pick up the play book and learn the offense. Kentucky said I would have a chance to play as well, but Iowa State is looking to redshirt me."

So in the final tally, what is Stevens looking for with his college decision?

"I think it's going to be a combination of things. I want to go somewhere that has confidence in the program and confidence in me. I want to be somewhere that I feel comfortable for the next four or five years. Education is also really important to me, but it's got to be more than that. I'm going to have a scholarship to play football and that is special – I need to be somewhere that can provide me with a chance to succeed on the football field and off it. If this was only about education I'd have committed to Duke a long time ago. I still may, but I need to learn more about them."

Darrell's love of football may also end up being a career choice as well. Though he doesn't have an idea of what he'd like to major in, he does know what he wants to do with his life after his playing days are over.

"My passion for football is never going to die. I want to be a coach someday. It's been a life long dream. But not until my playing days are way behind me."

Stevens has yet to be evaluated by's recruiting experts.

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