Quotes: Duke vs. Wake Forest

Coach K met the media after Sunday night's victory over Wake

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Comments:
"I feel like we beat a good team tonight. We played extremely well and feel fortunate to have won despite the disadvantage we had with people in foul trouble. It was a well officiated game, but we just had too many fouls. We did not put any bodies on them (Wake Forest) and they were crashing the boards like crazy. We were very loose with the ball, but we kept in the game. We had a lot of youthful turnovers that translated into points for Wake Forest, but we are happy with the win."

On J.J. Redick:
"J.J. played spectacular tonight. He was there when we needed him to be there. We needed him to be there in order to get the win and he was there. They played very well and we beat a good team. It is quite an accomplishment."

On DeMarcus Nelson:
"He is almost game. He came into the game not favoring his foot which was something we were looking for. Sometimes when kids rebound from an injury they compensate and it turns into something else being hurt. We are working on integrating him back into the lineup. It is not a smooth phase, but we needed him tonight and he played big."

On Lee Melchionni:
"Lee had a great run tonight. He was one of the best players on the court. He came out with a lot of energy and played like a senior. He wanted the ball and you could tell. He hasn't played like this all season. We have confidence in him and he just played really well tonight."

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