Quotes: Duke vs. Maryland

Several Blue Devils met the media after Wednesday night's big victory.

Head Coach Mike Krzyzweski

Opening Statement
"We played really well defensively tonight against a team that we have the utmost respect for. There's no program that we have more respect for than Gary Williams' program and his kids. We knew we'd have to play really well to win, and we did play really well. Shelden had an amazing night. He anchored the defense, no question about it. Ten blocks, and you get a triple double -- he's just fantastic. We forced a lot of turnovers, and so did they because they're a good defensive team. I thought we were all just ready to play. The crowd was great. We had good energy. We missed some things offensively. They pursue so quickly that they make you miss. Sometimes you think you're open, and they're long, and they don't give up, so they put that late pressure on you that just kind of takes your vision off the bucket. We had some opportunities there throughout the second half. We just couldn't cash in on them. But we never let up defensively, and I'm really proud of our team."

On DeMarcus Nelson
"DeMarcus had a heck of a first half for us. We don't know if that's the same injury or not. It's so late tonight, instead of taking him to the emergency room we'll just take him early in the morning to sports medicine. Our hope is that it's not the same. I don't want to speculate, but we'll put out the word as soon as we know. We hope it's not the same thing because that had fully healed, and there are screws in there, but who knows. He can't recall just how it happened. He had that charge, but he couldn't say, well this is what happened to my foot. Of course if you just spent six weeks with that injury, it's going to scare you. It scares me. We'll find out right away and put the word out."

On Clemson
"We've got a quick turn around now. We go down to Clemson, and Oliver Purnell's team is always good, especially there. They won a big game tonight in overtime, so we'll have our hands full."

On Shelden Williams' triple double being first under Coach K
"It says he's pretty good because we've had some pretty good guys. We've never had a shot blocker like him. Gminski -- and I didn't coach him -- is the other guy in the history of this school and this program, but Gminski was a center. For a guy playing really a power forward -- that's what (Shelden) is -- to block shots like that, he's uncanny."

On having 18 assists on 26 field goals
"A lot of it had to do because they were pressing, and so there were more openings where you kicked. But our kids are very unselfish. We have a fairly good amount of assists usually all the time, but tonight because it was kind of spread out, there were maybe a few more, and almost each bucket was assisted on, which is unusual. But because of the nature of the game and how they were playing defense it kind of lent itself to that.

On team tiring itself in first half
"I don't think we let up. I just thought we were a little bit tired shooting. But you'd rather have tired playing real well than tired playing awful. I thought we were ready to play the second half. We had opportunities to just get a little bit more of the lead, but we didn't take advantage of it. And Maryland, of course they're not going to quit, so they hung in there throughout that. They kept putting some game pressure on us. We're tired -- happy tired -- and we have this quick turnaround, so I have to use tomorrow wisely. It's almost midnight now, so we have to make sure that we don't wear them out tomorrow."

On some ACC teams like Boston College being off to unexpected starts
"I just think there are more good teams than everyone gives credit for. You tend to focus on one or two or three good teams, and we will always have a lot of good teams in our league. They're always going to play hard, especially on their home courts, so that doesn't surprise me. Boston College, playing two road games to start with, were knocked back. The one thing you learn in this league is if you do get beat, you better put it behind you. If we get beat, it's got to be like okay, that's it, we're on to the same thing. You have to do the same thing with wins. That's the way our league is because there are no off nights in this league."

On players signing center court
"We have done different things over the years for unification and motivation. It wasn't for this game. Our first ACC game here, we hit a 45-foot shot to win, and I really felt that we have played better on the road with this team. In that game, we had just won at Indiana and won the NIT, and we got home, and I think you can assume that you're going to be unified at home because you're in Cameron. The signing of the floor is not about Maryland or any particular opponent. It's about us. It's about us reminding each other that this is our floor and don't take it for granted."

Senior Shelden Williams

On his triple-double
"It's a great honor to be one of three players to have a triple-double here at Duke. It's a great crowd to be in."

"Meeting Magic Johnson today, and knowing the success that he had in college and the NBA, playing point guard and getting a lot of triple-doubles, it's great to have a triple-double in front of him. Having great company like that watching you, it's a great feeling, and fortunately I did well and had a triple-double in front of him."

"Basically I tried to do what hopefully I do best and that's be the back line on the defensive end and try to protect the basket."

"It feels great [to beat Maryland], especially after losing to them at home [last year]. Anytime you lose at home, it feels kind of like an embarrassment in front of your own fans and in front of your own family and friends, just having that kind of downfall. I think today we redeemed ourselves in trying to protect our home court."

"[Defense] is something that we try to keep consistent in every game. We can't control whether the ball goes in a lot of the time because sometimes the ball goes in and out and sometimes we have a hot night and everybody is hitting. But something that we can make sure that we're doing night in and night out is play defense. That's something that hopefully we'll keep building on and become more consistent."

"This is really the first big-time ACC game that we've had, and in the first one it was a close game and we weren't prepared for it and we kind of got lucky with Sean [Dockery]'s last-second shot. And the whole atmosphere with our fans was great, especially for our freshmen who've never been in an atmosphere like this at home. I think it was a great response from them to play like they did, and hopefully they'll keep building on that."

Senior Sean Dockery

"They're a great team, great coach, everything. They play hard and they're going to give it their all. You can't take anything from them. We played a great game today, and our defense won the game. But you know we have to play them again, and I'm pretty sure they're going to play us tough."

"It's a great feeling. Yesterday we saw our fans camping out. This is the most I've seen ever against Maryland. We just wanted to do this for our fans - they're out there in the rain you know. We just played hard, and it's a great win for our program."

"Our defense was great. We were together on every play. If a man beat us, we knew a teammate could help us out, and that's the way we want to play all year round."

Senior J.J. Redick

On Shelden Williams's triple-double
"That's obviously an unbelievable accomplishment. He's come close a few times, and he definitely deserves that. That's something that not a lot of people can do."

"We don't run a lot of complicated stuff on the offensive end, so if a team does a good job scouting and we're not on top of our execution game, we can really get some stuff off our defense, and tonight we did that. We got out in transition, I thought we did a pretty good job of breaking their pressure and attacking."

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